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Writing essays and research papers is a vital part of college coursework. Although many students find it tricky, the exercise helps in more than one way:

  • It develops students' critical thinking abilities through the research and analysis of texts.
  • It helps instructors assess students’ understanding of subject matter.
  • It improves students' written communication skills.

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Any essay or paper is easy to write if you know what to do. These simple guidelines will get you started:

  • Read the given prompt and make sure you are clear on what is expected.
  • Present your stance on the assigned/selected topic in the thesis of your essay.
  • Organize your ideas into distinct introduction, body, and conclusion paragraphs.
  • Support your arguments with suitable evidence from reliable sources.
  • Edit your essay a while after you’ve written it, and correct grammar/spelling errors.

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Even the best writers make some common essay mistakes. Here are a few you should definitely steer clear of:

  • Avoid presenting unrelated material to corroborate your thesis. Instead, pick strong arguments and support them with appropriate resources.
  • Do not plagiarize your source material. Use our writing tool to double check your writing and provide citations where necessary.
  • Never exceed the word count. Always follow the instructions and write a well-researched, yet succinct, essay.

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