Narrative Essay On A Car Accident

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Last year I got involved in a massive car accident. It was the most terrified part of life. It was the moment. I will never forget in my whole life. Before, I never realized how people really feel when a car accident happens.But,after this car accident I know what really it felt like. It was the moment. My mind was totally feared of driving. I was crushed by the hot metal and cold dirt of car. I was not feeling my arm,my body was numbed.It was felt like my lower body pressed down with monster force. All I could feel was the noise of car accident ringing in my ear.I was barely able to move my body. I was kept thinking. What my parents going to think about this? Where is my friend John? I looked through the window and saw the cars passing by…show more content…
I thought, it was the end of life. It was just another day of my life. The fourth ring of my alarm woke me up. As usual, I was not feeling to go in school. I slept a couple of more minutes.After while, the shine of the sun coming from the window woke me up.I slowly stretched my arms and slid out of bed. I brushed my teeth and took the shower. Downstair,my mother was calling me for breakfast.I was still undecided what should wear for school. After browsing for while I found something to wear,and finished getting myself ready for school. When I checked the clock, I was running late as usual, which was not a surprised. I quickly ate my half sandwich and left the rest of the sandwich on the table.I took my car key, jump in my black Lexus and made my way to school.During my way to school, I got a call from my friend John. John is my best friend since when we were in middle school. He told me that his car was broke down and he needed to ride to school. Fortunately, my friend house on my school way. I told my friend. I am on my way to pick you up from your house. As I got there, john come out from his house and jumped in my car. With sound of Drake singing and music blasting, it was a…show more content…
Oh my God! TJ!“ It was just my mom.She was crying and calling my name again and again.I was so embarrassed and disappointed of my self.I had let her down. After, two of the EMT guys put us on an ambulance. Finally,we made our way to the hospital. My friend john and me were sent in palo alto medical center. It took us about fifteen minute to get there. My friend john was alright. He had a couple of stitches in his head and his arm. He got relieved after a couple of tests but, I was severely injured. I was lying on a hospital bed and thinking what I would have done in the past. Cause this terrible accident happened to me. I was sent to el camino hospital, where I went to the operation theater for my hipbones surgery.The doctor told me after surgery that my hipbones was fractured the reason they had to put a plate in hipbones to stay together.Although, my left arm was also fractured the reason I could not feel my arm. After surgery, they took me to the other room and gave me a couple of injections. Momentarily, I went to sleep. I woke up in the next day and thinking hopefully it was just a dream,but it’s not. I opened my eyes and saw a couple of relative looking me like a stranger. My dad came over my bed and gave me a hug and I literally started crying after thinking about the accident. I could not believe after a massive car accident I was still alive. Doctors kept in hospital couple of
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