Face To Face Learning Essay

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I believe that Face to Face learning is better than online learning because students have access to various learning resources on campus verses off. Face to face allows students to have instant gratification with answers and help. When a student is in class they can ask questions while it is fresh on their mind or help with a particular problem. If the student was at home online they would have to wait for the instructor to email them back. Is that really more conducive to a person’s education and learning? Face to face students also gain from socialization with peers and interaction with teachers. According to Association for talent development, (2016),”One of the key elements of the learning process is the dynamic relationship shared between …show more content…

Face-to-face communication allows the entire experience to not only be heard but also seen and felt. Face-to-face training also adds a personal element to a workshop as opposed to computer-based education. “ “According to results of a new national research study, 78% of more than 1,000 students surveyed still believe it is easier to learn in a classroom”. USA today, (2016) Students are able to physically see the work and are able to use tactile stimulation for their learning needs. Face to face students are able to find out the type of learner they are. In discovering their learning style students can use their knowledge to guide them in their educational experience and needs. Those who disagree with me think that online learning allows a student to learn at their own pace. Students are able to take the time to understand and figure out problems with the resources that are provided. The convenience of learning in an environment that is conducive to that particular students learning is provided by the student. If the student feels comfortable they are more apt

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