Child Abuse Essay

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Child abuse is a very serious problem that continues to happen all over the world. The Federal Child Abuse Prevention and Treatment Act, defines child abuse as a failure to act as a parent or caregiver which results in physical/emotional harm, sexual abuse, and in some cases death. There are many different types of child abuse such as emotional, physical, neglect, and sexual. With each type of abuse there are warning signs you can spot before it is too late. When a child is abused there is a huge possibility that it can cause them to have many long term effects. To begin with, emotional abuse is a type of abuse that can hurt a child psychologically. The reason why this form of abuse can hurt a child psychologically is because it damage the way a child looks at him or herself. There are many different ways one can emotionally abuse someone. Some of these ways include name calling, degrading a child, or even showing no loving affection at all. Calling a child “worthless” or “stupid” is a form of verbal abuse that is categorized under emotional abuse. Caregivers may also constantly blame the child for things that may not even be their fault. When a parent begins purposely ignore the child as a form of punishment he or she is going to feel like they are not wanted or loved. Secondly, physical abuse is purposely causing physical harm or injuries to a child. Being physically abused includes being hit, kicked, or shaken. Parents who are abusive to their children often claim that their abuse is a form of discipline. There is a significant difference in abusing your child and trying to show them discipline. The whole point of using discipline is to show a child right from wrong. It becomes physical abuse instead of discipline when your... ... middle of paper ... ...bruising or cuts on the child’s face, the caregiver might keep them at home in order to hide it from the public. Thirdly, signs of neglect can also be quite recognizable. If a child is always having bad hygiene it is a strong warning sign that the child’s caregiver is unable to provide for them. Filthy hair and body odor are an example of a child who regularly has bad hygiene. This may also be because the caregiver is not mentally able to or due to a disability. An additional sign of neglect can also be untreated medical issues. It is considered neglect if the parent chooses not to take care of their child’s medical problems. Lastly, threatening signs of sexual abuse can include difficulty walking or sitting, premature understanding of sex, and pain in the genital area. Wetting or soiling accidents that are unrelated to toilet training can also be a warning sign.

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