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The Non-Traditional Family
Look Who’s Talking is a comedy, family, and romance film that features Bruce Willis, who plays the voice of Mollie’s son Mikey as the main character, John Travolta as James, Kristie Alley as Mollie, and George Segal as Albert, the dishonest father of Mikey. Look Who’s Talking is a film related to the physical development in infancy. Mikey uses his inner voice to express how he feels and observes life as a baby. This film is an outlook on how most babies who cannot express themselves vocally might view and perceive society. There are several developmental theories and influences of society and culture that are underlined psychological issues related to the film.
Albert is an executive who has two children and a wife who has an affair with Mollie who
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This is in regards to a baby’s mouth, such as suckling activities toward breast or bottle. Mikey is always bottled fed, and Mollie and James make sure that he always is fed when needed on time so that the oral needs are always met which also increase the trust level Mikey is building with Mollie and James. Mollie and James make sure to feed Mikey whenever necessary, which also helps with the Erikson theory of basic trust. Therefore, Mikey never develops such habits as thumb sucking, fingernail biting, and over eating. The Ecological System Theory views the person as developing within a complex system of relationships affected by multiple levels of the surrounding environment (Berk, 2014). James is involved in Mikey’s life more frequently than his biological father and takes on the role of being a father figure and male role model to Mikey. However, Mikey views James as his ideal father. Mikey has a loving bond with James, who acts as Mikey’s father in his life even though he is not. Mikey wants his mother to make James his father since James is always around and he has fun with
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