Character Analysis of Roy Hobbs in the Natural

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The Natural "He was like a hunter stalking a bear, a whale, or maybe the sight of a single fleeing star the way he went after that ball (Malamud, 162)." Since he is young, Roy Hobbs has great ability and amazing talent in baseball. However, just like a tragic hero in Greek myth, those ones who fight for their honor, but fail because of their hubris or the desire of being such immortal and an aspects of not accepting the truth and reality, Roy Hobbs' hubris, ambition and a desire for fame and his fortune really tell that he is a tragic hero. Roy is described as a best baseball player ever in The Natural. He says, "Sometimes when I walk down the street I bet people will say there goes Roy Hobbs, the best there ever was in the game (Malamud, 27)." Roy knows that he is talented and since he knows it, he puts himself above everyone else. He keeps the same attitude all the time. Later in the book, he says, " If I had started out fifteen years ago like I tried to, I'da been the king of them all by now (Malamud, 150)," and it really shows that Roy has high self-confidence and self-sufficiency. Therefore, he always states it to prove to the world that he is the best. At the end of the novel, his health condition becomes a significant trouble, but Roy neither accepts his health condition nor wants to hear people saying about his health condition because "just in case he had the slightest chance of improving enough to play for maybe another season(Malamud,190)." He does not admit the truth of his health condition, yet he is just too straightforward with his desire for personal achievements and recognition. The crack of his bat, Wonder-boy, is the significant symbol of his limitation. There are three women in the book playing a signifi... ... middle of paper ... ...instead of bothering him. The tragic flaw is the common theme in the Greek tragedies. The tragic flaw is the common theme in the Greek tragedies. It actually presents in the certain characteristics that the hero has for almost of his lifetime that cannot easily overcome, and it will ultimately contribute to the failure of the hero. Roy is not able to make a decision between Memo and Iris because Roy is obsessed to Memo and he keeps thinking about getting married with her. His thoughts clearly tell that he has not grown up from age of nineteen and never move on according to his actions; he is not easily accepting responsibilities for anything he is supposed to have responsibilities. Hubris, fame, and fortune contribute to Roy Hobbs’ fallen. The wrong choices that Roy makes really falls him downward. Therefore, Roy can be the example of a tragic hero.

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