Social Learning Theory Of Ted Bundy

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Ted Bundy is one of the most infamous, sadistic serial killers known to man. During his tenure as a killer, Bundy confessed to the murders of 30 women, though the official number of kills is unknown to this day. Bundy’s sadistic habits began at an early age due to his rough upbringing and abusive parents. His tactical methods of killing left miniscule amounts of evidence, which remained undetectable by the “still rudimentary forensics techniques of the 1970s” (Crime Museum). Bundy also managed to uphold an impressive “clean-cut appearance” and portrayed characteristics of an “upstanding character” (Crime Museum). Ted Bundy, through the course of a troubled childhood and keen wit, managed to successfully become known as one of the most infamous…show more content…
These experiences include personally observing others acting aggressively to achieve some goal or watching people being rewarded for violent acts on television or in movies” (Siegel 138). Social learning theory can be attributed to Ted Bundy based on his rough childhood. He was raised by his grandparents, who lied and said that his mother was his sister, which Bundy did not figure out until later in life. Bundy also did not know the true origin of his father, which stirred up inconsistent rumors that his father was actually his grandpa, meaning his birth was from an insetious rape (Michaud & Aynesworth 56). His grandpa was reported as being abusive to his children and acted in a vulgar and violent manner (Michaud & Aynesworth 330). Based on social learning theory, Bundy learned how to act violent from his grandfather, which led to him becoming a serial killer. “The boy who sees his father repeatedly strike his mother with impunity is likely to become a battering partner and husband” (Siegel…show more content…
Society and media also played a role in creating Bundy. “Children learn what they see––and unfortunately, in our country through news reports, movies, and television, and everyday life in many parts of our country, children see violence; and they do not learn that violence is bad. Too often, they learn that violence is an acceptable way to resolve conflict; furthermore, many children, because of their home and neighborhood environments, have little opportunity to learn about alternative ways to settle disputes” (Osofsky 4). Bundy watched his grandfather act violently and vulgar, leading to him partaking in similar behaviors. Social learning theory can be placed at the forefront of reasoning for Bundy’s actions, but all of the factors that lead to the creation of his vicious, sadistic crimes may never be

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