Persuasive Speech On Affordable Housing

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The American dream was owning a house with a white picket fence. Now this dream is impossible. Individuals and families find it more difficult to find a decent home to rent in a suitable living area. According to Huffington Post, the hourly wage needed to afford a two bedroom apartment in California is at least $26 an hour. This is more than triple the minimum wage. Eviction, relocation, and inflation are the common keywords that associate with affordable housing. I 'm hoping to persuade you to support affordable housing for all. Today, I will be discussing, one, inflation of the housing market that needs to decrease, two, eviction from homes, three having to move to communities far from their work site.

As the United States economy grows and technology advances, many areas such as San Francisco, Silicon Valley, and New York City embrace tech companies with open arms. However, it turns San Francisco, once an affordable place, into a luxurious and costly city for people who earn six digit pay checks. The Golden Gate City currently tops the chart for the most expensive homes in the nation. Even techies rent are increasing each month. The people moving into these cities are raising rental and property prices. The middle class is being squeezed out of their
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While the the 1%, are secured, no one is addressing the rest of the people. As the economy flourishes, housing, higher education and health care, and child care increases with it to the point where 30 percent of a person’s income goes towards housing. People are finding it impossible to purchase a house with their middle class incomes. People begin to fall out of the once stable middle class because too much is needed to be sacrificed in order to live in a stable home. In the shrinking middle class, “40% or more of the residents live below the poverty
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