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Sandra Cisneros in her work “Woman Hollering Creek and other stories” depicts the role of women that assigned to them by the male-dominated society of Mexican Americans. Those women, though they are Mexican, live in an American society. And being on a verge between those two cultures, they are struggling to find their own self, their own identity, often by breaking away from the traditional stereotypes, roles and expectations of what Mexican woman should be. Cisneros’ stories underline the idea that cultural traditions and expectations often become a kind of trap for Mexican women, (and sometimes for men also) and define their gender roles in a society. Cisneros shows us that Mexican culture and society respect those women who suffer. And she challenges that idea by presenting us the heroines that are strong women. They have strength to go against what their culture says and stand up for themselves. “Women Hollering Creek” is a story about the young woman, who is brought to Texas, Seguin, from Mexico by her husband, Juan Pedro. As a teenager, she idolizes romantic Mexican telenovelas, that are part of a Mexican culture, and based on them, she created in her mind a model of her ideal life as a married woman. Therefore, when Juan Pedro appeared in her life and she is given to him by her father, Cleofilas is optimistic and positive that her novel has just begun. However, when facing the reality, she discovers instead a life of neglect, abuse, and loneliness. She is trapped by her cultural role as a wife, which leads to complete isolation. She has no friends, no vehicle of her own, no job, nowhere to go. With the lack of finance and the lack of personal freedom to arrange her own life, Cleofilas is aware of her dependence on hu... ... middle of paper ..., and shifted to being in total control. “What kind of talk was that coming from a woman?” (55) Cleofilas was surprised by Felice’s viewpoint and behavior. When they were crossing the creek, Felice lets out a holler of joy at being alive, strong and free, “like Tarzan.” (55) She explains to Cleofilas that she always yells when she goes over the creek because she likes the name of the creek. There are almost no things around named for women, except for the famous suffering Virgin. Again, the Mexican society’s stereotype of a traditional female role. But Cleofilas now is aware that her role could be different. She have never thought before that woman can holler not out of anger or pain but out of joy in her strength. Cleofilas surprised herself by laughing at the end of the story and it might be recognized as a symbol of her re-birth and her way to new identity.

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