Descriptions of Characters in My Family

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Character descriptions in the film "My Family":

Family Descriptions

José Sanchez: Eduardo Lopez Rojas (1950 - 1980), and Jacob Vargas A very hard working, family oriented proud man who was a great role model for his children.

Maria Sanchez: Jenny Gago (1950 - 1980) a strong willed hard working, religious woman who's family meant everything to her. The monarch of the Sanchez family.

él Californio: Don Alejandro Vásquez a great uncle of José, very stubborn old man who stayed in California after the war, as far as he was concerned he was still in México.

Paco: Eduardo James Olmos, the eldest son of José and Maria, he grew up to be a writer and used his families journey for material.

Irene: is the oldest daughter, who enjoyed food. She was heavy as a kid, slimmed down and got married to Gerardo. She was soon heavy again. She was successful in her own right and owned her own restaurant.

Chucho: Esai Morales, he was a handful from birth. He used his pride in an unproductive way, unlike his father. He felt the racism of the 50's toward the Mexicans and it made him ashamed of his heritage. It is ironic because his dreams were exactly the same stereotype he so wanted to get away from.

Toni: the youngest daughter and she was the prettiest. She was headstrong, pushy and faithful to her god and family. She was passionate about life, liberty, and love. If something felt right she went for it, whole and hearty, regardless of what anyone else's opinions were.

Guillermo - (Memo): Enrique Castiliio he was very studious, he was always studying and you get the feeling that he knew it was his only way out.

Jimmy: Jimmy Smits youngest of all the children and loved them the hardest. The death of his brother killed him inside. The wall he put up only came down when the love over powered the hate in his life.

Isabel: Elpidia Carrillo an el Salvadorian, who's father was a disliked leader of a union there, an illegal alien working as a nanny for a rich couple. When she married jimmy she became, "free" but her morals and religious beliefs wouldn't let her take the vows of marriage lightly. She was a loving, persistent woman who didn't let her anger eat her alive.

Carlitos: Jimmy and Isabelle's son came into the world at a disadvantage and in some ways his heartache basically consisted of anger from both parents.
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