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1.Is loving someone the same as being in love? I disagree and would argue that being in love and loving someone has two very different meanings. The word love is used too loosely. Loving someone and being in love with someone are two very different things. Although I am not a love master, being only 19 years old and in two serious relationships in my life, I have come to realize being in love is something special. I believe when you are in love it’s not a choice, that person is picked for you. You are addicted to them, you want all your friends and family to love them as much as you do, you are there when they succeed and there when they fail, you miss them every minute you are apart and you unconditionally love them, even when times get hard. …show more content…

Love in itself is a chance you need to be willing to take. There is no love without risk and even worse than risk, there is no love without loss. Everything in life is a risk, but risking to open yourself up and fully give yourself to someone can be the hardest of them all. It is courageous to love because falling in love can be hard. Relationships have the potential to either end well, or end horrifically, but the thing is, that’s the risk you have to be willing to take. The reason relationships are so complicated is because of the people in them. People make them challenging and complex. Who can tell you before a relationship starts if you are gonna be toxic, or gonna be part of something very special. The risk everybody takes on a daily basis with love, is a risk that can have a very giant reward, a big ring and a wedding. Some people are afraid to fall in love because they fear heartbreak, and I could say i’m that person. When I am in a relationship, I put in everything I have. I value all of the relationships I am apart of and I strive to make them better everyday. But sometimes I just need to face the world and realize that at some point, most of the relationships I have today will fail because people make mistakes. Heartbreak is inevitable, and that is okay. I will be okay. Heartbreak has a way of reminding us that we are in love, and that we do know how to love. The desire people have to make things last will force you to giving love another try. When you set all your reservations and fears aside, you will allow yourself to love and prosper in a relationship. Heartbreak in a relationship doesn’t just occur when you and your significant other break up, you feel heartbreak when someone you love passes away, you lose a friend you thought you would have forever and for many other reasons. Although heartbreak does suck, it is a part of the excitement of life. In relationships you are never supposed to know how

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  • Argues that being in love and loving someone have two very different meanings. loving someone is like the love you have for your friends and family.
  • Opines that communication is the key to a good relationship. keeping secrets is deceit, which leads to mistrust. betrayal and lies are hard to repair.
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