Abraham Maslow And Carl Rogers Case Study

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Person-Situations Interactions Two proponents most noted for humanistic approaches to personality are Abraham Maslow and Carl Rogers. Both the Person-Centered Theory (Rogers) and the Hierarchy of Needs (Maslow) considered that humans ' true nature was good and that each has the potential for growth. A comparison of the two approaches demonstrates a compatibility between theory and practice. Furthermore, each approach focuses on individual choices and rejects the theory that biology will determine human potential.
Compare person-centered theory with Maslow 's hierarchy of needs.
The hierarchy of needs and person-centered theory share humanistic psychology’s approach toward the person. In the Abraham Maslow hierarchy of needs, humans satisfy
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Our ideal self is who we wish to be, and the real self is who we are. When there is an imbalance between who we want to be and who we are, a person can develop defense mechanisms to try to alter the real self (McLeod, 2007).
Identify which theory you relate to most, and explain why.
The theory I believe is most relatable is the person-centered theory developed by Carl Rogers. His theory takes a more individualized approach to a person’s personality. Maslow’s theory is similar in that a person’s personality and development is based on stages. Maslow’s idea of a hierarchy that must be reached in a sequential order is too rigid. To arrive at the next level, I have to complete the previous level. I feel that if that were true, I have gone up and down stages several times in my life because of certain traumatic events.
Roger’s made his theory less complicated and more achievable in my opinion. The idea that our real self and our ideal self-need to be in congruence to achieve self-actualization is more attainable to me than Maslow 's theory. Roger’s theory seems more individualized to the patient. What is congruent to one person is not the same as another. So each person has to achieve their self-actualization whereas Maslow’s theory seems to be more generalized in the

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