Organic Foods vs. Non-organic Foods

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Organic food is food that is grown without any pesticide or fertilizers. In recent years, sales for organic foods are increasing every year. A lot of people go to supermarkets in order to buy some organic foods, because they think that organic foods are healthier than conventional foods. People purchase organic foods for different reasons such as personal health, the quality of organic foods, and taste, but the most important reason is personal health. The topic that whether organic foods have more benefits or not is very controversial for a long time. Maybe some people believe that organic foods are beneficial to human health, but some other people disagree with the viewpoint, so buying organic foods depend on people’s choices. People believe organic foods are healthier because they generally think organic foods have less pesticide and fertilizer residue, more nutritional values, and are beneficial to environment. First of all, the main reason that people choose organic food is that people think organic foods have less chemical residue, such as pesticide, and fertilizer. In the article “Organic foods contain higher levels of certain nutrients, lower levels of pesticides, and may provide health benefits for the consumer”, Crinnion indicated that organic foods just had 33 percent of the amount of pesticide and fertilizer residues that found in conventional foods, and conventional foods contain two or more types of chemical residues than organic foods (Crinnion, 2010). In addition, Crinnion used a study of Seattle preschoolers as an example to demonstrate organic foods have less pesticide residues. The study of Seattle concluded that children who ate more conventional foods had six times higher level of pesticide resi... ... middle of paper ... ...for environment, they can buy organic foods. In addition, there is a secondary reason that maybe has influence on purchasing organic foods: higher price. Organic foods generally are more expensive than conventional foods, so for some affluent people who support that organic foods are healthier, they can increase choice of organic foods. Nevertheless, for the majority of people, they need cheaper food, and they should regard conventional foods as their first choice. No matter what people choose organic or conventional foods, their main purpose is to get a healthier body. If people focus on changing their eating habits, not comparing organic foods with conventional foods, they will be healthier. As long as people can change their eating habits like eating more vegetables and less meat, they will get a healthier body whether they eat organic or conventional foods.

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