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Diversity Diversity is a value that shows respect for the differences and similarities of age, sex, culture, ethnicity, beliefs and much more. Having a diverse organization, helps notice the value in other people and also how to teach respect to people that might not know how. The world is filled with different cultures and people that might believe in different things as you, but that doesn’t mean you need to treat them any different. It is imperative for people to grasp diversity because it’ll help people how to engage with others in a respectful yet a hospitable way. When most people think “Diversity” they think of the most communal characteristics: such as: Age, race, gender, sexual orientation, body type, ethnicity, and a person’s …show more content…

As in anything in life, there are positive and negative terms that can be detrimental in how a person does and says something and may be offensive to another person. In Diversity a positive term that we should strive to do to contain order would be, Equity, which means to treat everyone equally no matter their culture or race. Equity is very important since it’s the bases of Diversity and should be acknowledged a little more often. Without Equity, there would be no structure in Diversity for anything else, and no admiration between one another. A Negative term for diversity would be Discrimination. Discrimination is the unequal treatment of someone based on their culture or ethnicity. Discriminating someone who might be different than you is very wrong. A person has no need to put down someone just because they might not be the same religion or believe in the same thing as you. We should try to totally eradicate negative terms in order to maintain a culture of diversity and inclusion. Diversity and Inclusion are important to the University of Toledo’s campus because they don’t just serve to one ethnicity, they serve to many. Many different kinds of cultures come to UT to give themselves an education and to better themselves. Here at the University, they want everyone to get along with each other, since it’ll make coming to school more exciting …show more content…

Going to school with many different cultures is exciting. I get to learn about cultures I have no clue about, such as Buddhism, Chinese, even Japanese. Going to a school that is very diverse makes me able to talk to others and learn about their cultures, and maybe even make friends with people I thought I would never make friends with. It also goes to show that everyone was not born the same, and no matter what a person’s differences are we should respect them and have no problem conversing with them. As with me, I consider myself a diverse person. My mom is Irish/American and my dad is Lebanese, so coming from a family where two cultures come together is really interesting. We celebrate Ramadan which is the fasting during the holy month for Islam, and we also celebrate Christmas, the birth of Christ in Christianity. Getting the best of both worlds is really intriguing, because I can celebrate two totally different holidays from two different religions and now how to respect both. I know for a fact that I do bring diversity to University of Toledo because not most people know an American-Lebanese. Living in a diverse world should be something a person should be proud of. Getting to know a person’s culture and their beliefs should be a wonderful ability. Respecting one another is important, even though a lot of people still disregard that, which should discontinue. We should all start to learn how to make this world a better place,

In this essay, the author

  • Explains that diversity is a value that shows respect for the differences and similarities of age, sex, culture, ethnicity, beliefs and much more.
  • Explains that when people think "diversity", they think of the most communal characteristics, such as age, race, gender, sexual orientation, body type, ethnicity, and a person's abilities and disabilities.
  • Opines that terminology is a vital aspect in diversity, as it helps people understand the structure and meaning of diversity and culture.
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