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910 words

Everyone has a memorable unforgettable moment in their life time and will charish that momement as long as they live. I am one of those many with a memorable loving moment. I will never forget it and happy to share it with others. It has been one of many favorite moment in my life. That it even open my heart to be happy and always thankful. Mexico, Oaxaca the two words that come to my mind. I was seven years old, when I over heard my parents talking at the dining table. Conversating about going to Mexico with the family. I crawl slowly tours them from the hall way and jump " we going to Mexico!! ' my heart beating faster then a race car. I never been to Mexico, especially Oaxaca. I 've only have heard storys of my parents home land and seen …show more content…

In this essay, the author

  • Opines that everyone has a memorable memorable moment in their life and will charish that momement as long as they live.
  • Narrates how they dreamed of going to mexico, especially oaxaca, when they were seven years old. they had only heard stories of their parents home land and seen it in pictures.
  • Narrates how they yelled "goodbye california, hello mexico!!" as they got in the vehicle to settle in. they remember hearing their father say " estamos aqui gorda ", other words " we here fatty".
  • Narrates how their father would ask for money or buy gum, and their mother would explain that poor families would work to survive, even if it meant putting their children to work.
  • Describes how they remember a beutiful restaurant with colorful music and flowers. as they were ordering, they noticed the lady killing chicken nuggets.
  • Narrates how they came up to a mountain that had many crosses on both sides. their mother tolled that the mountain was called la espalda del diablo or devils back.
  • Describes how they opened their eyes to see a small beutiful town. they could taste the bread smell in their mouth, people walking there horses, kids running everywhere.
  • Opines that mexico, oaxaca happy loving memory i will charish forever. the first time hugging knonwing what it feels to be hug by your grandparents is priceless.

Mom and dad where packing up the vehicle.My brothers look like walking zombies as they got up on the van. I couldn 't stop smiling of joy. As we all got in the vehicle to settle in I yell out " Goodbye California, Hello Mexico!!". My parents where not playing when they said it was going to be a long trip, took us at least four days and 3 nights. I just recall that because I slept most of the time. I heard my father say " estamos aqui Gorda ", other words " we here fatty", don 't get my father wrong fatty was a nickname for me since a baby I belive. Hey what can I say I was a pretty chubby kid, but that 's other story.I started to look out the window all ready can see different life style even the air smell different too.I was known to ask many questions as a kid , hey I still do. What can I say I am a curios …show more content…

Asking my father for money or if he wanted to buy gum. My father would give them a dollar or buy few peices of gum. I notice my father face look unhappy and try hard to smile. I ask my mom " why does kids doing that?", my mother respond and explain to me that some families where very poor and the hole family would work to be able to survive, even if it ment to put there children to work. I can tell even my mother look sad. There was silent for a good while. My mother put on music to cheer up, that always

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