Setting In Toni Morrison's 'Beloved'

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Throughout the novel “Beloved”, Toni Morrison who is the author used the setting of this book to keep the reader not only engaged but lost and thrown into an alien environment. By using the past and giving the reader pieces of the past to show why the future begins to alter. Along with Toni’s use of setting, she also gave a special significance for the ghost in house 124.
The setting of the story is rather mysterious, yet tense. The story first begins in a haunted house where a mother by the name of Sethe , and her daughter Denver harbor the burden of the ghost called Beloved. The setting of the characters living in this home, gave the reader a supernatural feel from the beginning of the novel. From every flashback of Sethe’s life to the smallest bit of the life she once had, Toni Morrison throws the reader back into a puzzling moment which forces the reader to evaluate the roots of Sethe’s life .Each setting revealed something different about the main character Sethe .
The settings have revealed the way Baby Suggs impacted Sethe’s life, as well as the feelings she had towards the ...
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