Dark They Were And Golden-Eyed Compare And Contrast Essay

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In the two versions of “Dark They Were, and Golden-Eyed” by Ray Bradbury, the plot is developed differently in some ways and similarly in others. In the radio play, the plot is developed faster through sounds and dialogue. It also adds music to create stronger tone. In the short story, the plot is developed slower through thoughts, without music. In both versions of the story, dialogue is used to establish parts of the plot. The plot of the radio play is developed through the use of sounds and dialogue. For example, Harry shouts at the martians in the mountains when he is upset, instead of looking at them and thinking to himself. When Harry shouts, it shows more emotion than the short story because it clearly shows the reader that he is very upset. Harry’s voice sounds agitated and worried. In the short story, the plot is developed through thoughts. Instead of Harry shouting at the mountains, he quietly thinks to himself. Even though the short story and the radio play say almost exactly the same thing, the short story fails to achieve the same emotion of the radio play. Since the reader does not hear Harry’s voice, they cannot listen to his frustration. The radio play also adds music to create stronger tone. For example, when Harry talks to Cora about about the martian landform names, he says, “Somehow it doesn’t seem right to change those …show more content…

The radio play uses dialogue, sounds, and music to develop the plot. The short story uses thoughts without sounds and music. Both versions of the story use dialogue to develop parts of the plot. When the reader analyzes how the plot is evolved in both versions, they can see that the radio play’s dialogue, sounds, and music develop it more effectively by showing more emotion and creating a stronger tone than the short story. In conclusion, the plot of “Dark They Were, and Golden-Eyed” is developed more effectively in the radio

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