Simple Techniques Used In Band-Aid Advertising

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Band-Aid Advertisement All advertisers want the same thing. They all want to catch your attention. In order to do that, they use three simple techniques called ethos, logos, and pathos. These are the reasons why you feel and think the way you do when certain advertisements come on. The company that made this ad was Band-Aid. Band-Aid has always been in a family’s first aid kit. The technology of Band-Aids’ bandages has evolved over the years to make them better to care for families. Their Band-Aids come in all characters and types. The target audience is children and their parents because the Incredible Hulk was made around the time the parents were kids. The generations today still knows who the Hulk is. It is a print ad of the hulk’s arm, …show more content…

Pathos means to persuade people using the sense of emotions. The way an advertisement makes you feel can make you change your whole outlook on something. The product would make kids feel strong like the Hulk. It would make parents feel like they could buy it because it shows that they are very durable and not a waste of money. It would make parents feel like their child or children would be more protected against viruses and other harming illnesses. By using the Hulk in the ad because of his strength, the advertisers would expect the children to want them and the parents to buy them. Lastly, the ad was very effective when using logos. Logos persuades using reasoning. They use your prior knowledge or common sense to get you to buy a certain product. Everyone knows that the Hulk is strong and withstands everything. It shows that the band aid is also strong and could withstand through the hulk’s transformation from man to monster unlike his clothes. This helps with letting the parents know that the bandage could go through any change or any activity a child does. By using the Hulk in the ad to show the durability of the bandage, parents would buy it because then they know it would

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