Why Do You Want To Be A Teacher Essay

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Why do you want to be a teacher? “I wanted to become a teacher to be able to make a positive difference on the future of children. For me, it is fulfilling challenge, stimulating the next generation to become lifelong learners. I have always been grateful to my mom (who is a retired teacher) for implanting values in me. I feel I should contribute what I have learned and experienced over the years. This way I will be paying back and at the same time can fulfill my desire of enhancing the education system.” Describe the skills or attributes you believe are necessary to be an outstanding teacher. We must have the correct mind-set. We believe our students can learn; have high expectations; are willing to give extra help; find ways to make…show more content…
I believe that it is important to students to teach them how to learn such as test taking skills to reinforce success, not failure. I think we as teachers should make it relevant and give them the knowledge that will help them survive and thrive in the world outside of the education setting. I believe that teachers should work with others and integrate the curriculum across the domains. Students must have access to the use of technology, as this is the world the lay before them. Let students teach students, they love to be in charge even if it just for a little while. This will help create the hunger and curiosity to help motivate and move your classroom forward into proactive learning. For lesson planning purposes, what information do you need to know to help give you the greatest impact on instruction? This has been a challenge my 1st year of teaching. An effective teacher will know and understand the Common Core Standards. A teacher should be able to bring their own life experiences into the classroom by understanding a remembering what might have kept us from learning. Applying rewards to students as we go through the learning process. Little bonuses are a plus when working, whether you are a student or working in the real world experiences. An effective teacher needs to know the goal and how to motivate their student to the end goal. Begin with the end in mind is a good
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