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Toddlers are the epitome of curiosity and energy. From ages 1 – 3, toddlers are always on the go and want to learn about everything in their world. As with infants, no two are alike; each toddler is unique in his or her developmental stages, and each accomplishes milestones at different times. “Although children develop at different rates, there are common stages of development that serve as guidelines for what most children can do by a certain age” (Groark, McCarthy & Kirk, 2014). As seen in the hatfieldmomof3 (2011) video, one observes toddlers at play and can determine the age of the toddlers by their actions and the milestones they have accomplished. OBSERVATION SUMMARY While observing the toddlers in the hatfieldmomof3 (2011) video, …show more content…

• Social-emotional development - Encompasses feelings and emotions, behaviors, attachments and relationships with others, independence, self-esteem, and temperament. • Self-help development – Adapting to the environment and having the ability to do things for …show more content…

Cognition entails interaction between the individual child and his/her environment or events in the environment. • Language development - Refers to perceiving, understanding and producing communication/language. In the video, each toddler is at a different stage of development and has achieved milestones associated with their age, such as – Toddler in blue shirt – He appears to be around 18 – 24 months old. While his motor development appears to be weak, and he does not seem to have accomplished the self-help development or language development, he has accomplished other milestones; such as social/emotional development, by playing alone for short periods of time and asserting some independence, and cognitive development, by passing items from one hand to the other, although he is not able to stay with one activity for very long. Toddler in green shirt – He appears to be around 24 – 30 months old. His motor/physical development is stronger than the first boy. He is more sturdy when climbing and coming down the slide. His social/emotional development is strong by playing well with others. His cognitive development is also strong. He can take off and put on the lid of the dinosaur box as well as throwing the dinosaurs into the

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  • Explains that toddlers are the epitome of curiosity and energy. they are unique in their developmental stages, and each accomplishes milestones at different times.
  • Observes that the three toddlers climbing the slide are different ages and at different developmental stages. the toddler in the blue shirt is the youngest (18 – 24 months), and may have difficulty with his fine motor skills.
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