Importance Of Morality In Macbeth

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Morality is a particular system of values concerning the distribution between right and wrong or good or bad behavior. Macbeth morality of an action is committing the evil deed, he deliberately thinks the treacherous nature. In Shakespeare’s Macbeth, the moral of a play is identified through personal ambition and its disastrous results. Macbeth ends up killing his loyal King believing the witches prophecy. He kills his only best friend, assuming that his best friend might have been suspicious of King Murder. First, Macbeth moral of action in the play is shown through the death of King of Scotland. Macbeth says, “I‘ll go no more/ I am afraid to think of what I have done/ Look on’t again I dare not” (Shakespeare 2.2). The significance of…show more content…
Macbeth says, “Avaunt! And quit my sights! Let the Earth hide thee! Thy bones are marrowless, thy blood is cold” (Shakespeare 3.4). This quote shows that Macbeth is haunted by Banquo’s ghost. The appearance of Banquo’s ghost is Macbeth insanity in his imagination. This is because Macbeth’s conscience is getting to him; he may be losing his mind because of his guilt. Macbeth says, “Our fears In Banquo/ Stick deep; and his royalty of nature/ Reigns that would be fear’d: tis/ much he dares;/ And to that dauntness…….. Mark Anthony’s was by Caesar” (Shakespeare 3.1). In this quote, Macbeth is referring to Marc Anthony and Caesar when he talks about fearing Banquo. Also, it is a simile, while Macbeth compares himself and Banquo to Anthony and Caesar. He is afraid of Banquo because seems that Banquo’s might outsmart him and end up beating him to death. Macbeth says, “No son of mine succeeding. If’t be so, for Banquo’s issue have I filed my mind” (Shakespeare). The significance of this quote shows that Macbeth is talking to himself, saying if he has no child to be his descendants after he dies. He says “Banquo’s issue have I filed my mind”, he means that why on Earth should he bother Banquo’s life since he already has a son. Concluding this paragraph as Macbeth yet to continue is the action of morality. Then in topic sentence # 3, Macbeth…show more content…
Ross says, “I am so much a fool, should I stay longer, it would be my disgrace and your discomfort. I take my leave at once” (Shakespeare 4.2). This quote shows that Ross has no evil-minded due to the fact he leaves Lady Macduff and her child to die. Still, this shows Macbeth cruelty by sending the soldier to kill Macduff’s family. Macbeth says, “The castle of Macduff I will surprise, seize upon Fife give th ’edge o’th’sword/ his wife, his babes, all unfortunate souls” (Shakespeare 4.1). The significance of this quote shows Macbeth cruelty thinking about his plan on how to kill the Macduff’s. Since Macduff’s family are not a threat to him, but his mind led him to worsen the situation. Macbeth says, “Time, thou anticipat’st my dread exploits: / the flighty purpose never is o’ertlook/ unless the deed go with it” (Shakespeare 4.1.). This quote shows that Macbeth is talking to himself about time so he can make up his plan instantly. He promises that from this time on if dreams the plan, he will act on it and carry it out for a purpose. To conclude with paragraph 3, Macbeth has no innocence over the people that do not have a threat to him. So Macbeth’s morality finds its way to justice which has to be solved. In Conclusion, Macbeth is a play based on Morality as seen the deaths of Duncan, Banquo and Macduff’s family. Macbeth is a bloody play and as a character
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