To Kill A Mockingbird Scout Monologue

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We stood and watched as the dark figures got out of the dusty cars and moved towards Atticus and Tom Robinson’s cell. I had a theory of what they were trying to do: kill the accused. It’s not common for a group of men to be going to the jail in the middle of the night dressed in such a way. I was sure that they wanted to commit an act of lynching when they put the sheriff into this. The men wanted Atticus to draw back, but I knew he isn’t that kind of person. He would never run, nor will he let someone get hurt that easily. Although, if he didn’t move… the - and the more I know Scout ran straight past the group of men, and into our father, who looked more terrified than ever to see her there. I immediately tried to stop her, but she was too fast, and it happened too suddenly. How …show more content…

However, since Scout is up on the stage, it’s better me and Dill show up too. The men weren’t giving any signs of going away, so Atticus instructed me to take Scout and Dill home. However, if I did that, father would be left alone, and I knew he couldn’t handle a situation like that. I refused. At this moment Atticus needed all the support and strength he can get. We were all with him. He wasn’t going to do this alone. It was more of a mental fight between us. He tried to seem bigger and stronger, but I simply imitated him, to prove that I as well am big and strong. Then one of the men grabbed me by the collar, and said that he was going to send us home. I yanked and then Scout shouted at the man and kicked him. The men then gave us only 50 seconds to get out of here, but I wasn’t moving. Scout, probably unaware of the whole situation, started to talk to one of the men, Walter Cunningham. She spoke nicely to him (at least to her it was nice), and started talking about his son and family. Mr. Cunningham ignored her, but then she suddenly switched the topic to entailments (more on Mr. Cunningham’s life). I realized what she was doing. I was amazed and filled with

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