Essay On Effective Communication

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As in all aspects of personal and professional life, having effective communication is a key element of success. Effective communication can benefit your relationships with people. By conveying your message and integrating them as a member of the team and not just a subordinate leads to better production. By effectively communicating you can clearly define job responsibilities and expectations. The better you are able to communicate the less likely organizational turnover of personnel will occur. Supervisors and leaders in the professional workplace find that the most important factor in advancement and retain ability is effective communication. Senior level executives and human resources managers are stressing the importance of communication and providing more training for mid-level management. Emphasis is placed on communication being clear by being transmitted strongly. Successful Communication is the conveying and understanding of a message from one person to another. For communication to be effective, the meaning must be easily understood. An individual 's communicative success relies on factors that include speaking, reading, listening, and reasoning skills. Forms of communication include verbal and non-verbal, as well as, one way and two ways.…show more content…
Non-verbal communication doesn’t involve words, but is a powerful form of communication. The way your body language is tells the other party whether or not you are receiving their message or just listening. When your nonverbal behaviors align with the words you’re saying, they indicate to the person you are communicating with that you are trustworthy. When non-verbal behaviors do not align with your message it sends mixed signals on what you are trying to convey. When communicating in business it is imperative that you are conscious of your own body language and nonverbal cues as well as that of
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