Importance Of Taking A Stand

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The most effective way to achieve something in our world also happens to be the most difficult to do. The two most effective methods of achieving something is taking or winning. Taking a stand is the most courageous act a person can do because often times they are going against the common belief of the people around them. All great leaders have one thing in common and that is that they are brave enough to take a stand. Taking a stand is more important and has a bigger effect on the world than winning does. The positive implications that are caused from taking a stand aren’t always predictable and are a result of the courage it takes for an individual to stand up for something. A perfect example of this situation is the story of Jackie Robinson.…show more content…
In fact, some people believe that winning is more important than taking a stand because taking a stand doesn’t always accomplish something. While this statement isn’t 100% true since winning doesn’t always accomplish something either, it is important to disprove the belief that winning accomplishes more than taking a stand. This isn’t true because winning allows more people to follow suit and overall make a bigger impact than any single individual could. Beowulf led his warriors into battle and while he didn’t use them until his final battle, they still followed him. He was able to inspire Wiglaf to help him in his final battle against the Dragon and save their people. Wiglaf states, “I’d rather burn myself than see / Flames swirling around my lord” (761-762). When a win is accomplished, people tend to support the movement, but when someone takes a stand, people tend to join in on the…show more content…
It’s difficult because often times taking a stand goes against the common belief of the people. Also for this reason, people are often hesitant to support those who take a stand early on until it is more accepted by the public. Many people are afraid to stick out and disagree with people, but those who take a stand are respected for the rest of their lives. While Grendel was attacking the people of Herot, nobody was brave enough to stand up to the beast. When Beowulf hears of their troubles, he instantly fills a ship with 14 of the strongest men he can find to go take down the beast. They are greeted by a watchman who knows that the Geats have come to help and shows his respect by telling them, “I’ll guide you / Myself - and my men will guard your ship” (205-206) and also says that a “... Warrior who does battle with the creature / Haunting our people, who survives that horror / Unhurt, and goes home bearing our love” (210-213). It’s important to note that the officer doesn’t say anything about defeating the creature, but instead he just says that any warrior who takes a stand and battles the monster will return their home being loved by the people of
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