Persuasive Essay On Horse Riding

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Equestrian Riding is a Sport
Equestrian Riding, also known as horseback riding is a sport. Some people may argue that is not because they think the horse is doing all of the work. However that is not true. People do not realize that it takes a lot of to ride a horse and the rider does a lot of work as well and its good exercise too.
A lot of people do not understand the hard work and time it takes to train a horse, as well as compete in competitions or shows. I personally know a lot about horseback riding because I grew up riding horses. It really makes me mad when someone comments “that is not a sport”. Well, yes they can state their opinion but I don’t have to agree with them and vice versa.
A sport is usually defined as competitive. Horseback riding is very fun and just as competitive as any other sport. Also it is kind of special and different because it includes different types of events. Also it includes lots of clothing and equipment, which can be expensive but totally worth it. These events would include gymkhana, dressage, showmanship and jumping. It is not like
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It must be a sport if it’s in the Olympics. I’m sure it’s in the Olympics because the kind of shows people do can become very competitive and eligible for the Olympics. I think it might be more competitive than other sports because you’re riding a 1200lb animal and it takes a lot of hard concentration and work to train the horse and get it ready for competition season. If it’s in the Olympics no one can really argue that it is not a sport, therefore I have made my point. If someone were to argue that it is not a sport because “the horse is doing all the work” , well I would tell them you get on it and see how “easy” it is. It’s not easy unless you ride often getting ready for show season, or even just for fun. The rider and the horse need to be in good shape. I would also then argue it’s like the most expensive sport out
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