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Over the course of the semester, I feel that I have grown as a writer in many ways. When I came into the class, there were skills I had that I already excelled at. During my time in class, I have come to improve on those skills even more. Before I took this class I didn’t even realise what I was good at. This is the first class where I felt I received feedback on my writing that helped me to actually review my work in see what areas I lacked in and where I succeeded. Some of the skills I had shocked me as I didn’t think I had those capabilities in me. One of our first assignments that our class did was write a response to a piece of work we read, and use that for inspiration in on our own poems. I wrote a poem about a necklace that held meaning to me, and the end result surprised me. At first I thought I would fail the assignment because I didn’t This once again showed in my first essay while I was telling of my parents wedding. In another passage, I’m telling of what was going on from my perspective. I write, “My uncle and I got into quite a bit of trouble for running around and not being there for pictures when we needed to be. I was out of breath from running away from my duties as the flower girl. I would run into different scenes where the photographer was taking pictures.” I believe I had really good use here in putting the reader in the scene, and describing what was going on. When writing about my shaping influence for my third essay, my research paper, I first had to set the scene for the readers and give them a reason to read. In order to do that, I had to describe why this topic affected me. These capabilities that I have are ones I was able to develop on over the course of this semester. Now that I can recognize my skills, I can focus on how to improve these skills even more. Even though I’m good at poetry, description, and narration I can still build and improve these

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