An Overview of Business Strategies

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Business Culture outcome 3-4 assessment A. Explain four business strategies in relation to the appropriate business environment. There are four main business strategies that can be used they are Cost leadership strategy, Differentiation strategy, Focus strategy (low cost) and Focus strategy (differentiation). We can use Porter’s generic business strategies to understand the difference in these strategies. Cost leadership strategy involves the business winning the market share by appealing to cost-conscious and price-sensitive consumers. This is achieved when you have the lowest prices in the target market. The lowest price of value ratio (price compared to what consumers receive). To be successful at offering the lowest price while still achieving profitability and a high return on investment, the business must be able to operate at a lower cost than its competitors. There are three main ways to achieve this. The first way is achieving a high turnover in service for example a restaurant that turns tables around very quickly, or an airline that turns around flights very fast. This approach means fixed costs are spread over a larger number of units of the product or service. This will result in a lower unit cost. Large businesses do this to create an entry barrier to prevent potential competitors from competing with their product. As they are unable to match the scale necessary to match the large firms low costs and prices. The second way is to achieve low direct and indirect operating costs is gained by offering high volumes of standard products and offering basic no-frills products. Production costs are kept low by using less parts and using standard components. Limiting the number of models produced to ensure larger producti... ... middle of paper ... ...lopment industry as well as the strengths and weaknesses within the company. The Business Strategy should reflect the main issues that determine the long-term success and development of the organisation. Without a successful business strategy put in place the company would fail and be unable to compete with competitors. There would be on way of knowing what resources are required. No planning for the future of the business. If there are no targets set out to achieve there would be no way of measuring how successful the company has been. A successful business strategy will identify changes in the external trends in the market place. Plan out what the company’s future direction is. Set out the goals for the management team. It will identify a vision of where the company wants to be in the future. Keep all employees informed of the direction of the company.
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