Immigration Sociology Essay

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Immigration has been a topic that has caused multiple discussions on why people migrate from one country to another, also how it affects both the migraters and the lands they go. Immigration is the movement from one location to another to live there permanently. This topic has been usually been associated with sociology to better explain how it affects people, cultures and societies. Sociology has three forms of thinking that are used to describe and analyze this topic. There are three forms of thinking that are used to tell and describe immigration to society; structural functionalist, symbolic interactionist, and conflict theory. Each of these theories uses different forms of thinking and rationality to describe and explain socio topics.…show more content…
Immigration has been a major yet common event in society that has shaped today’s culture. Immigration is a complex event that many see as a problem or as something that helps the world as a whole. Through the eyes of a functionalist, immigration is a helpful occurrence that creates unity throughout the world. As people migrate from one border to another, they bring with them their culture and norms. As they do, the cultures of both societies either change or assimilate together to coexist. With the combing of cultures there usually starts some problems, however, over time these problems either go away or are tucked away in order for people to…show more content…
Each one is correct and at the same time incorrect in their assessment of immigration. Functionalist sees immigration as something that betters the two nations, however, there is problems when it’s too much immigration or unwanted migration. Social interactionalist sees immigration as a product of everyday interaction. It is true that people communicate with each other on a daily bases around the world whether it be with people of their same country or of different nations. It is a great way for people to better their knowledge of the world around them, however communication with others can be problematic. Some nations don’t speak the same language or speak a version of your language that has different meanings in the words that one may use. There is the possibility of miscommunication arising from people not knowing much about the nation that their conversing with, which has led to wars or bitter hatred towards each other. Conflict theory sees immigration as something that causes conflict and change. Immigration does bring change, but it’s both good and bad change. The good change is that new people with new culture flow into another land and enrich the new land with their way of life. It can be bad with some people coming with mal intent and cause harm to the nation or there is too much in a short time that it causes a shortage off good and overpopulation of some lands. All three foundational

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