My Personal Experience: My Experience As A Student

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During my time as a student I have been able to develop the way I learn and interact with others to a degree that has also helped me to mature into a better person. I have come to believe that this maturity will help me to develop into a better thinker as well, one that has the patience to listen and take consideration of what others have to say. I consider the act of learning a two way avenue that has to be taken seriously. It is one that involves the teacher, and the protégé. It has been, and will continue to be, my absolute goal as a student to become a diligent protégé and acquire all of learning my teachers have set in front of me. The way each of them have helped me to think about how my actions, and the way I choose to study my lessons and develop as a student, has made a tremendous impact on my life. This impact is one that I will carry into the future as I myself advance in my professional studies.…show more content…
I have a mindset now that is unlike anything I have ever achieved before. I continue to grow in this way of thinking and learning each time I interact with my fellow classmates and professors. I have learned to build my ideas and thoughts around a system of interactive engagements with team members of numerous student groups I have had the pleasure to be associated with. And, to take the valuable advice and mentoring from the outstanding professionals that have been my professors as a guiding path for my own professional
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