A Modest Proposal And Let Them Eat Dog

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“A Modest Proposal” and “Let Them Eat Dog” have a common argument that we are dealing with over population of humans and animals. Swift uses satire to make us think that he really wants us to eat babies. Foer tells us of people eating animals were not accustomed to. This can put an economical strain on everyone if we don’t use our resources wisely. Both of these articles may be elusive for some to read. Both papers touch on the topics of eating animals, economic issues, and culture. “Let Them Eat Dog” talks about how in many countries it is completely normal to eat the family pet. I personally could not eat my pet. Foer quotes George Orwell saying “all animals are equal but some are more equal than others”(2). In my opinion this means that just because you have a dog as your pet doesn’t mean that in other countries they will have it as a pet, that maybe what they eat. Here in the United States some families have chickens as pets; some people eat them. Foer also talks about how “food is culture”(4). This meaning that what a group of people are accustomed to eating in their culture is what’s normal for them. New Orleans is famous for their crawfish and creole dishes, the southwest is famous for their tex-mex, and the south is famous for their soul food. In forty-nine states in America it is legal to eat dogs. Foer also says that we shouldn’t eat animals with a certain mental capacity. Many people argue that animals have rights too and therefore they shouldn’t be used as a food source. It has been argued that pigs have a mental capacity of a three year old. Yet dogs are thought to have the mental capacity of a seven or eight year old. “A Modest Proposal” also talks about how Ireland is becoming over populated, b... ... middle of paper ... ... the “French eat their horses, Spanish eat their cows, and Indians eat their dogs.”(1) So maybe we should imagine Mr. Ed on our dinner plate. Foer does this to also tell us of how we are becoming over crowded with animals. Some animals are hunted as food sources, such as deer, elk, rabbits, and squirrels; this helps to control the population of these animals. Most animals in America are treated horribly; they are caged up and most never have a chance to roam free. If you see animals in other countries, they are roaming free as they please. In America every year 2 million animals are euthanized. In conclusion, No we shouldn’t eat babies. Swift wants us to realize that we should take better care of our children. Foer wants us to realize that all animals are indeed meat. Just because we don’t eat that type of animal doesn’t mean that it’s not a food source.

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