Baby Boom Generation Contributes to Canadian Society

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Contribution to Canadian Society in the 1950s by the Baby Boom Generation

In Canada, over 400,000 babies were born annually from 1945 to 1965, which increased Canada’s population rate by 20% (“Canadian”). This period in Canadian history occurred after the Second World War when millions of men returned home to their families or immigrated to other countries with their war brides. Some ended up settling in Canada which dramatically increased the birth rate; their experience and survival of the war caused them to realize how important life is, instigating them to have as many children as they can support bringing about the group of people now referred to as the Baby Boom Generation. The baby boom generation significantly impacted Canada as it helped the young country to recover from the devastating Great Depression. Indeed, the baby boom generation had a positive contribution to Canadian society during the 1950s because it changed the face of Canada in the international stage, increased the Canadian living standard, and established and developed the suburban areas.

The baby boom generation’s first memorable contribution to Canada was to raise the Canadian economy to a higher stage with the emergence of greater number of people with varying abilities. With the sudden increase in the population, more demands for more products and services were undoubtedly created, helping the economy to strive forward and advance Canada to be competitive in the global market. Before the baby boom period, Canada was suffering from the aftermath of the Great Depression. There was a lack of jobs and people did not have the sufficient funds to spend on any extra luxuries and this created a vicious cycle of economic crisis. However, due to thou...

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... in the global market as a competitive nation, accomplished greater economic prosperity, and gave birth to the suburban regions. The baby boom generation clearly has had positive short term effects; however, a negative reaction loomed over the proceeding generations as it put a burden on Canadian government to build more retirement homes and to look for a new labour force to replace the old. In other words, some of the long term effects of baby boom generation are unfortunately frightening such as Canada having a huge old population to support with the urgent need to fill gaps that would be left by the baby boomers as they retire. Still, the society must recognize that the baby boom generation was crucial to the Canada in the 1950s. Nothing else would have created a strong economy through the huge number of job opportunities and development of suburban homes.

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