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Intersectionality is a term used to describe a situation whereby an individual has multiple identities and as result, the person feels that he or she doesn’t belong to one community or another. Because of the many conflicts in an individual’s identities, he or she could be a victim of multiple threats of discrimination (Williams, 2017). The discrimination could be a result of race, gender, age, health and ethnicity among others. To give an example, a black transgender woman could be discriminated in the workplace because of being black and also because she is transgender. From an intersectionality perspective, the woman faces multiple threats of discrimination because of the overlapping identities of gender and race and therefore the transwoman faces a bigger struggle (Barber, 2017). Transwomen of color will most likely encounter prejudices in the form of homophobia, racism or sexism in many dimensions of their life. The perspective of intersectionality is not only applicable to women but it can also be applied to males. For example, a gay Latino man could be discriminated based on race because he is an immigrant into…show more content…
It can be usefully applied when addressing the different forms of discrimination faced by members of the LGBTQ community. With intersectionality, many issues facing the members of the LGBTQ group could be solved. For example, legal and political mechanisms will look at the big picture when handling the LGBTQ problems as opposed to separating those problems into smaller parts and discarding some (Barber, 2017). The intersectional lens also helps to advocate for those members of the LGBTQ community who have intersecting identities and this promotes the implementation of inclusive policies such as equal pay and equal job opportunities despite the intersecting identities (Barber,

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