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Case Briefing #6-Andre Williams 1 Name & citation of case: Urban v. Jefferson County School District R-1, 870 F. Supp. 1558 (D. CO 1994) 2.Facts: This case was originally presented before the district court of Colorado in 1993 on behalf of the parents of Gregory Urban, a seventeen-year-old teen with severe mental disabilities. Gregory and his parents moved to Evergreen, Colorado in 1991. The parents wanted Gregory to go to Evergreen High School but the school district placed him at Golden High School where he participated in support services for children with severe disabilities. The support services at Golden High School were not available at Evergreen High. After the development of Gregory’s IEP his parents voiced objections to what they believed constituted violations of Gregory’s right to a free and appropriate public education. These violations included placement of Gregory outside his neighborhood school and failure to stipulate transition services in his IEP. After initially participating in the IDEA administrative process the parents filed a case with the district court claiming the school district violated Gregory’s rights under IDEA and ADA. The court ruled in favor of the school district by rejecting …show more content…

This case is significant because of the courts’ strict interpretation of the law. A summary reading of IDEA would lead many parents to believe that a school must accommodate each child who is disabled by all means necessary. However, alternative placements can also be considered free appropriate pubic education. The court stated that the Urbans never argued against the quality of education Gregory received at Golden High. This is significant because if quality had been considered then FAPE could have come into play. As it stands now the court’s ruling and interpretation of the law further defines

In this essay, the author

  • Explains that the case was presented before the district court of colorado in 1993 on behalf of the parents of gregory urban, a seventeen-year-old with severe mental disabilities.
  • Explains that some administrative rulings were ambiguous. an impartial hearing officer found that the district failed to provide gregory with a free appropriate public education.
  • Explains that the u.s. court of appeals upheld the district court's ruling based on precedent and the family’s failure to exhaust administrative remedies.
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