Essay On Progressivism

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“Education is a social process; education is growth; education is not preparation for life but is life itself.” John Dewey describes and supports progressivism, an education philosophy that I professionally identify with. Progressivism is a student centered philosophy that focuses on experiences, opportunities, and values that enhance a student 's learning and life. The role of the teacher is to act primarily as a facilitator of learning, they encourage and guide students to explore and promote individual development. As a future educator I believe it is important to involve students and allow them to take responsibility for their own learning and achieving their goals. The role of the student is to discover, engage, and express themselves.…show more content…
It is beneficial to teach real world lessons and inspire student discovery and problem solving. The curriculum focuses on the interests of the students and establishes a fine balance between valued content and interactive learning activities. The curriculum is important because it has the ability to reach students on different levels and what appeals to them. When students are interested in the subject matter, they want to learn and do not feel forced to learn. The instruction and delivery of this philosophy is very important because I believe active engagement, constructivism, and cooperative learning will enhance the students life skills and what they will carry with them in the future. As a progressivist teacher I believe it is important to to think outside the box and know how to go above and beyond to fulfill the potential of my…show more content…
The learning environment connects the classroom to the community through a democratic approach. This community based learning brings the world into the classroom so students can implement social change and challenge social inequalities. The curriculum focuses on student experience and taking social action on real problems such as hunger, violence, and discrimination. It is important to instruct students to explore in group settings so they can work together to analyze and develop theories that can help each other and make a real different in the world. As a future educator, it is important to not only to teach my students the issues in our world, but how we can work together to find
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