Summary Of George Orwell's Essay The Sporting Spirit

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In George Orwell’s essay “The Sporting Spirit” he expresses his opinion on how major sporting events like the olympics are used to fuel political hatred between countries. From my point of view having only played sports at a high school level I can already agree with his statement to a certain extent. I’ve been playing football at Santa Monica High School for two years and even though our seasons haven’t been as successful as hoped; our coach still brings uplifting motivation to the team. His speeches, usually cliche as if they were from a movie, go along the lines of that we must want to hurt the other players and to make them scared of us. And even in game this shared sense of negativity brings backlashes which follows to after …show more content…

This is false because common people previously have no inclination to meet on the battlefield, this is because the common people don't create wars; but they do create sporting events on local and national scales. Orwell expresses that it's the common people's fault for the hatred of sports and war, when in reality it's the rich and powerful few of people that ignite this hatred between nations and teams. There are too many examples of good sportsman like conduct between players and teams to fault the players for the hatred between one another; because in reality it's the coaches or leaders who want to spark the negative motivation in order to get their social and/or political points across. What confuses me about Orwell’s quote is that not once does he talk about influence of political leaders, he only states the common people. Which is counterintuitive since the people who were causing these “orgies of hatred” where the political leaders; for example Hitler wouldn't allow Jews or gays to play for Germany. If was not the common people who had this prejudice against them, it was Hitler and his fellow political companions who would instil fear into others in order to

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