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Selecting a topic worth exploring is an important but tricky part of the essay writing process.

Follow these guidelines to get your research started:

  1. Brainstorm ideas that are not only relevant to your course but also intriguing.
  2. Look into aspects that expand your knowledge of the field.
  3. Check out articles or books by an expert whose work appeals to you.
  4. Read newspapers for current affairs related to your subject.

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Most Popular Topics

One struggle that often troubles the average college student is choosing a suitable topic for a writing assignment. When the instructor provides one to write about, the student may find it uninteresting or complex. But when the choice is left to them, they could end up wading through a sea of potential options. So how can one make the process easier?

  1. By ensuring that there are good resources to refer to: Writing an essay on the importance of the Louisiana Purchase or the goals of the Progressive Movement is easy if you have reliable resources to bank on for information.

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Topics in Demand

Writing about subjects that have been discussed repeatedly can be a dreary affair. To cut the topic struggle short, it’s worth exploring present-day trends in the country or the world. One example is the growing popularity of electric vehicles. Long-term cost reduction and their independence from fossil fuels make them a point of interest for manufacturers, governments, and the public alike. Not to mention, companies like Tesla have an all-electric lineup and are making huge strides in their production. Even just this one trend has abundant scope for intriguing essay topics.

So like with anything else, conduct thorough research to understand how the trend came to be. Then, explore the possibilities of how you want to discuss it. This could be in the form of a case study, a comparison essay, an analytical paper, or a different essay type.

Here are some interesting ones to help you get the ball rolling.

Top Trending Topics

Even after following the right steps, students might find themselves stuck at some stage of topic selection. In such cases, knowing what not to do can also be helpful. These common mistakes are best avoided while picking an essay topic:

  1. Spending less time on research: Surface level research while selecting a topic could create problems once you start writing. Allocating sufficient time for research right at the start can help you avoid such hassles.

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