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738 words

The film The Prince of Egypt is in the most part very accurate with the exception of some minor details. The movie was released in 1998 produced and animated by Dreamworks which was about the story of Moses. The first topic that will be discussed is that the the plot was overall the worst section done. Another accuracy of the film that will be reviewed is the settings element is the best and most accurate part of the film. Finally, the diversity in the characters will be reviewed and are mostly accurate in the whole. Therefore, there are many similarities and differences between the Bible and the movie, ‘ The Prince of Egypt’. The first topic covered will be the plot which was mostly accurate despite the shortened aspects of the film. The …show more content…

Characters can be described or defined as the people, animals or divine beings in a story or a plot. Firstly, the character that was defined best was Moses because the character was represented accurately and some changes were made for the purpose of keeping 1 main character. Moreover, a difference between the movie and the bible is that Moses and all of the other characters never seem to age. Throughout the movie he stays the same but I believe this to be the producers making sure that Moses was the main character. Another difference was, Moses was a very bad speaker in the bible. He told God this in the burning bush scene and God said let Aaron speak for you but in the movie purely because it was his movie and keeping him central he was made as a good public speaker and confronted Ramesses alone. The final difference between the bible and the movie is that during the movie Moses grew up with his non-biological brother Ramses who soon became the pharaoh who would deny the freedom of the Hebrews after Moses realised that his non-biological father who was the old pharaoh was throwing babies into the river. In the bible there is no mention of a non-biological brother and the same pharaoh stayed in power throughout the entire book. Therefor the characters are quite accurately portrayed but overall they were average. Overall the movie The Prince of Egypt is mostly accurate in its plot with some exceptions for keeping the entertainment and focus of the young audience. Firstly the plot of the characters was fairly accurate but had some inaccuracies for entertainment and focus purposes. In addition the setting was very accurate coming out as the most accurate aspect of the movie. Finally the characters of the film are nearly accurate but have some changes to keep the main character as Moses because the movie is about

In this essay, the author

  • Analyzes the accuracy of the film the prince of egypt, which was released in 1998. the plot was the worst section done, and the settings element is the best and most accurate part.
  • Opines that the plot was accurate despite the shortened aspects of the film. the 10 plagues of egypt were accurately portrayed.
  • Explains that the movie's setting is the place and time of where the characters are in the story. the red sea was shown accurately and the hebrews lived further away in goshen.
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