My Love for Cosmetology

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1373 words

Every since I was a child I have had a passion for doing other people’s hair. When I was little I would use my baby dolls as clients and work on their hair until it was perfect and neat. I have chosen to be in the cosmetology field because I like to help other people with their needs and wants as well as mine. I am aware that while working in this industry I will work with many different ethnic groups and many different hair types. I feel I can do anything as long as I have the determination to do so. Many people go to cosmetology school to work for someone else, but I would like to open up a mini-salon out of my own home someday. I have many talents and interest that will help me succeed in the cosmetology field like communication skills, business skills, a sense of creativity and technical skills. Many people enroll in hair school to learn the basic fundamental skills to become an outstanding candidate in the field. A cosmetologist’s creativity skills, business skills and communication skills need to be very effective. Other skills are required as well, but without basic skills a cosmetologist will not succeed in the industry. How can you operate a business without knowing any of the basics? How can you work on someone’s head without knowing what style would fit their face perfectly? As a cosmetologist sometimes you have to let your client know its okay to try new styles and that everything will not always work on them. As new trends are invented or start to resurface from previous years you will need to stay updated. The evolution of cosmetology can be easily traced back to early as civilization times. Back in 10,000 BCE, both men and women in Egypt used oils quite often to hide the bad smells from their body. In addition, ... ... middle of paper ... ...on. Treatments should be applied to the hair as a protector before the chemicals are added because they can apply serious damage to the healthy hair. If the hair isn’t treated properly with several chemicals being added such as relaxers or dye, the hair can easily become dry, brittle, and create many split ends throughout your hair even rising up to the roots. As I was doing my research paper I did experience some difficulties because I didn’t stick with one topic in the cosmetology field like hairstyling, coloring hair, nails, and even trimming of the hair so that caused me to even research harder, but it’s nothing wrong with challenging yourself at times. Eventually one day I might decide to change my mind about working in the cosmetology field but for now I will stick with my main career goal. I lost a lot of interest over the weeks working on my senior project.

In this essay, the author

  • Explains that they have a passion for doing other people's hair since they were little. they would use their baby dolls as clients and work on their hair until it was perfect and neat.
  • Explains that they have many talents and interest that will help them succeed in the cosmetology field.
  • Explains that the evolution of cosmetology can be traced back to early civilization times.
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