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A few days ago I was listening to Taylor John Williams’ song, “The Mates of Soul” in the shower. As I took carried out the exhilarating tasks of lathering and rinsing, I listened to the perplexed artist as he sung of the absurdities people who believe in soulmates fill both their minds and waking hours with. In his pragmatic testimony, Williams paints his verses with a voice of reason, questioning why so many individuals insist on maintaining a strong belief in the permanence of soulmates despite our human nature to inevitably change over time. Yet after my shower, even my quick-dry towel couldn’t quite soak up the droplets of Williams’ words from my skin: “they say to stay together and promise to [love each other] forever, even if forever never really wanted to stay.” Throughout the remainder of my day, I found myself wondering whether Williams was being prudent and wise in his beliefs, or simply illogical and cynical. For many of us, one of the most accurate and effective ways to express the feelings that really matter to us is through music. We don’t only grow to attached to songs that are catchy, but also those with lyrics that we can relate to. It is not uncommon to feel like sometimes, artists can convey the way we feel better than we could ourselves. The storybook-like lines you read at the start of this page are a collection of lyrics …show more content…

We all share the same expanse of both Earth and time, and yet our perceptions of whether we can truly be romantically destined for another or not tends to differ considerably. Nearly three in four of Americans -- 73% -- believe in soulmates (Marist Poll). What’s going on with the remaining 27%? Since college has been dubbed the quintessential time for self exploration, the mystery of this discrepancy tugs at me and challenges me to investigate an unfamiliar world where soulmates cease to

In this essay, the author

  • Describes how they listened to taylor john williams' song "the mates of soul" in the shower and wondered whether he was prudent and wise or simply illogical and cynical.
  • Opines that one of the most accurate and effective ways to express the feelings that really matter to us is through music.
  • Explains that a soulmate suggests that humans are designed to be monogamous, yet if we assume that the main focus of life is to healthily reproduce, then that can't be true.
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