Kids Getting Taught by Atticus Finch

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In the book To Kill a Mockingbird, Harper Lee Writes about the life lessons Atticus teaches Jem and Scout. Atticus teaches Jem and Scout Different life lessons in order for them to learn how to cope with different situations and problems. Atticus teaches his kids to treat others with respect, he also teaches his kids that having manners and being polite will go a long way. Atticus teaches his kids the importance of equality and by treating people equally you will be treated with respect. One major lesson Atticus teaches Jem and Scout, is to respect others. Atticus thought them not to be rude with family members; despite what they say. Scout beat up Francis because he called Atticus a "Niger-lover!"(p.110) and Atticus gets her in trouble. When Scout got in trouble by Atticus it showed Scout that it was not right to beat him up even though he said what he said. Atticus taught the kids to mind there own business. When Atticus tells the kids to leave Boo Radley alone and not to believe it the rumors they are hearing. When Atticus told them to leave Boo Radley alone and not to believe ...

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