Personal Narrative Essay: Learning A New Language

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1120 words

Learning a new language isn’t always easy. It has it’s up and down moments but once I learned that new language I felt accomplished and a lot of new opportunities open for me. My point is that learning English for me wasn’t easy, but once I learned English, I was able to help out my parents more and a bunch of new doors opened for me. You can say by knowing English I had a little more power now at home because they depended a lot on me now but it also felt great just to help them out with their English. When I first started school, I really didn’t know any English. It was hard because none of the kids knew what I was saying, and sometimes the teachers didn’t understand what I was saying. I was put in those ELL classes where they teach you English. The room they would take us to was full of pictures to teach us English, and they would make us sit on a red carpet and teach us how to read and write. When I would go back to regular class, I would have to try harder than the other students. I would have to study a little more and work a little harder with reading and writing if I wanted to be in the same level as the other kids in my class. when I got to third grade I took a test for my English and past it I didn’t have to go to does ELL classes anymore because I passed the test, and it felt great knowing that I wouldn’t have to take those classes no more. Around the house I …show more content…

There is always going to be obstacles that you have to overcome but once you overcome them a lot of doors open for you. Learning English for me was one of those obstacles I had to overcome but once I learned English I was able to help out my parents with translating and speaking it. Also making them realize that they also had to learn English because I wasn’t always going to be around to help them out. Yes I got frustrated a lot translating for my parents but looking back at it now I wouldn’t change it because it’s made me who I am

In this essay, the author

  • Narrates how they translated everything from phone calls to the mail for their parents. they learned a lot from doing the talking and the question asking.
  • Narrates how they realized how much more responsibilities they had at such a young age because they would have to do important calls for their parents.
  • Narrates how their parents realized that they were going to have to learn english because they weren't always around to help them out with their english homework.
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