My Core Values

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The main goal in life is to live by our beliefs and our values. These beliefs and values define who we are as a person and create how we behave towards others (Wright, 1). These beliefs and values can be defined as our personal core values. My personal core values include family, trust, honesty, friendship, and creativity, which define who I am, change from past to present, and could change again. Family, trust, honesty, friendship, and creativity, are my core values that, as stated by Mark Wright, “define who I am” ( 1). I believe that my family is my priority because without my family, there would be no love and support. Friends can provide comfort and support, but not as much as those who are family. Trust and honesty go hand in hand; therefore, one cannot be trusted without being honest. Friends can easily be lost, and families torn apart due to mistrust, and dishonesty. The first step in trusting in others is to be honest. Creativity, although not directly affecting others, is an expression of who I am. Finding creative projects such as painting or arts and crafts, provides a mood of relaxation, which can also become a bonding time among family and friends. Although these core values are important to me now, they were not always my core values. My core values have changed over the years and have turned from negative core values into positive ones. Before starting a family, my core values were anger, hopeless, and pain (book 266-267). I felt broken, and my trust in people had diminished. It seemed like a never ending cycle of meeting untrustworthy people who lived to tell lies for their own benefit. I learned to transform my negative values into positive and beneficial core values through the help of counsel... ... middle of paper ... ...n tend to gossip, focus on faults, or are narcissistic; on the other hand, some men will lie to get what they want. Living in a military community, friends move often and the challenge is created in finding “good” friends. Friends are great to have, but if friends cannot be trusted, then I would rather be without. Keeping a high self-esteem and living by my values is more important than questionable friendships. Core Values are an important part of my life and I hope to strengthen them in my everyday life. Family, truth, honesty, friendship, and creativity are all a part of how I want to live my life. Personal Core values, as stated by Wright, are “absolutely critical and fundamental to living a life of meaning and purpose, which invariably creates joy, inner peace, contentment and fulfillment” (5). They define who I am and I want a positive outlook on life.
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