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1472 words

During this course, I have learned a lot about negotiating. We learned about almost every negotiating technique there is. We learned about cross-cultural negotiations, body language, Best Alternative To a Negotiated Agreement (BATNA), variables in negotiating, and many more. Before this course, I did not know that much about negotiating. I thought that negotiating was just about trading or convincing someone to give you what you want and you did not care about the other side, resulting in a win-lose. I now know that negotiating is about getting what you want, but also giving the other side what they want as well to result in a win-win. This paper is about how I am going to improve my negotiating skills over the next six months. In order for me to improve my negotiating skills, I believe I need to improve the following skills- my body language, communication, planning, and my interpersonal communications. By improving those skills, I can become an effective negotiator. To negotiate effectively I need to use the proper body language during a negotiation. I never really thought of body language in negotiating before this course. I never paid attention to my body language in …show more content…

I know I need to work hard to improve my body language, by changing my bad habits and making them into good habits. Communication, by practicing talking slow and improving my writing skills. Planning, by doing research when needed and having a clear plan when going into a negotiation. Lastly my interpersonal communication, by continuing this negotiation, but being more aware of how to construct the negotiation. I will need to create and find opportunities that will change how I negotiate. I am at the beginning stages of a negotiator and over the next six months I will continue to grow and eventually over the course of my life will become as close to a master negotiator that I can

In this essay, the author

  • Explains that they learned about cross-cultural negotiations, body language, best alternative to a negotiated agreement (batna), variables in negotiating, and many more.
  • Explains how the course textbook negotiating by patrick forsyth gives different ways to use body language during a negotiation.
  • Opines that effective communication is key to being a successful negotiator.
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