Diary Entry of Child Workers During the Industrial Revolution

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Diary Entry

Entry One
March 14th, 1884
William Porter( live with my mum, my dad, and my three younger brothers: Thorn (6 yrs), Enzo(3 yrs), and Finn (11 mths).
Age: 8
Job: Tailor

Dear Diary:

I guess today is another thrilling day, and this morning I wake up at 4 o’clock in the morning to get ready to work by 5 am. My brother Thorn and I walked there and we were a bit late today. And I didn’t even have any breakfast. Once we got there, we started to work immediately. Then someone stared at me. It was the man in the uniform. He yelled at me just because I whispered to the other person sitting next to me then I saw some kids playing in the street and I felt very disappointed and jealous. Why I can’t go out side and play in the street like these kids but I guess that’s part of life. We usually get two breaks during the day, Lunch and dinner. But today I didn’t get any break. And I have to work straight though it. I’m starving and my hands are very sore. I usually have to work 14 hours a day but since Thomas Edison invented the light bulb I only have to work for 10 hours. And finally my work is done and it’s 5pm. My wage is 20 cents a day but most of the boys who are younger than me get 25cent per day or even 30cents per day. I don’t know why but my parents say that I have to work or we have to live on the streets

Entry Two:

April 26th 1886
Theresa August (live with my mama, papa and 1 younger brother (1 yr.)
Age: 10
Job: Textile worker

Dear Diary:

Today I have to wake up at 3:30 am in order to be at the factory by 4am. Then I found out that my mother had a cold over night and I have to look after her and do all the washing, cooking and cleaning. By the time I got to the factory it was 4:30. And when Mr. Bob sa...

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...aid me is nothing, it is hardly enough for me to survive. I live with my mama, papa and one younger brother in a small house in crampred streets and lots of other people too, well to be honest I’m fine with that, consider that we are not that wealthy but having to share the toilet facilities is just awful. Most of our neighbors are either drunk or dirty. One of my friend Jack died a few days ago caused by cholera. Because the water here is just so dirty because factories would dump all their waste into the rivers which would ruin the water that we drink but what can we do about that. My dad is addicted to alcohol and he feel very sorry for us because eh didn’t provide us a good living condition. After the enclosure in 1869. We left our small farm and into the city and everything here is just dirty and noisy. And I really want to go to our little farm
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