My Philosophy Of Higher Education

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My philosophy of higher education is that thus far we have realized that the gift of sharing knowledge is one of the keys to success in our society. We have learned from so many great philosophers, scientist, and researchers that have fueled our knowledge in a vast variety subjects. The importance of passing on this knowledge and improving our society has shown to be important in human survival and our growth in the years to come. As the years pass and technology is getting more advanced, the need for higher education is steadily rising. In the past years, a bachelor’s degree was viewed as one of the greatest accomplishments of that time. Now in today’s standards, only having a bachelors degree will not suffice. Thus proving that higher education is the pillars for growth in humanity. Similar to my philosophy, I believe my Christian experience relates to my views of higher education. For instance, as Christians, we have learned that the keys to success is reading and learning from the Bible. Just as we have learned from past philosophers, the Bible provides Christians with knowledge to continue to walk in the path that God has paved for us to go to heaven. In addition, talking and communicating with God helps us in times of need. He is our teacher and supervisor providing us useful knowledge to succeed. From that guidance, it is our job to pass that knowledge to other Christians to grow in our faith. In both higher education and Christianity, our job is to pass our knowledge and faith to others to maintain and improve human survival for years to come. Moreover, in today’s society, there is a growing need for Christ centered learning. I believe that CBU offers that and more. By combining my Christian experience and philosophy of ...

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... learned at CBU, in addition to ways such as challenging students to grow in their faith while learning. For example, I would suggest that they use ideas and scriptures that they learned in Bible study or in church within the past weeks of assignments. This will help to keep students engaged with the material and faith based concepts that they have learned within the weeks. Also, I think promoting attending CBU or church based activities for assignments can help students learn course material as well as grow in their faith. I believe that faith integration is an important component that CBU offers that many other universities do not. I can honestly speak to how beneficial it was for me to complete my program at CBU. I not only learned a wealth of knowledge in the counseling field but I grew as a Christian, which is something that I wish to pass on to future students.
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