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    Country music is a musical genre that is usually said to have originated in the southern United States when in fact European immigrants brought some of the aspects of country music here with them. Some of the most valuable possessions that they would bring across the ocean with them were musical instruments. These might include the Italian mandolin, the Spanish guitar, the Irish fiddle, the German dulcimer, and the West African banjo. The first generation of country music is referring to the time

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    The debate whether commercialism has stripped country music of its authenticity is one that requires further examination into who ultimately holds the power. The sometimes-drastic changes made in music leaves people questioning the tastes of consumers when in fact they are the bystanders of an overpowering industry. Fans are people who buy the albums, go to concerts, and request songs on the radio, not the execs that market the music, and yet their opinions/tastes aren’t taken into consideration

  • An Essay About Country Music

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    Country Music Country music starts with folks music. the old cowboy and pioneer songs were popular in the 20th century. The country musicians eventually adapted to new instruments. our modern country music started after World War 2. The sons of the pioneers and Carter Family played old hindi songs that reminded them of the past. Hank Williams is often called the first song writer. His lyrics told about people's feelings. His songs are easy to learn and to remember. Old rock and roll musician

  • Talking about Country Music

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    Country music is a popular genre of music in America’s society. Originating in the 1920’s in Southern United States, country music takes inspiration from American folk music and Western music. Although Country music is loved today by many, it didn’t always enjoy such success and popularity. Country music has gone through six “generations”. Through each of these six generations, Country music and America’s perceptions towards it have changed immensely. Though all six generations played an important

  • Essay About Country Music

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    “My life’s been a country song; it’s been the words when I couldn’t find ‘em. A friend when I’ve been alone. It’s been the toast to remember, the strength for moving on...” — Chris Cagle. The thought might run across your head, what is exactly is country music anyways. According to country music is defined as “a style and genre of largely string-accompanied American popular music having roots in the folk music of the Southeast and cowboy music of the West, usually vocalized generally

  • Class Consciousness in Country Music

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    Class Consciousness in Country Music The term class consciousness, like any term which attempts to define group mentality, is somewhat imprecise. This lack of precision, of course, lends itself to the provocation of scholarly dispute. Historians of the labor movement in the United States have written volumes about both the meaning of class consciousness and the question of whether American workers possess it, however defined. While there are some demurs, most historians, including the non-Marxists

  • Black Artists in Country Music

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    thirty-eight years, are the only black artists to win a Country Music Association Award. With country music rooted in bluegrass and rhythm and blues, why aren’t there more black country music stars? When considering the roots of country music, and how closely related country is to blues, bluegrass and honky tonk music, an examination of what happened to all the black musicians seems warranted, no? This paper examines the dearth of black artists in country music and the careers of one of the few black artists

  • The Rise and Fall of Country Music

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    Is country music still country music? Country music has roots unlike any other genre of American music. Country music was one of the most influential styles of music in the twentieth century. It had stars such as Hank Williams and Johnny Cash. These stars represented what the South felt. They understood shotgun weddings, not knowing where the next meal would come from, and fearing the wrath of God while simultaneously loving the sweet and instant satisfaction that sin brings. They took those pains

  • Country Music Essay

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    Of all musical genres country music is perhaps the one most influenced by a male presence. Country music is often associated with the classic cowboy strumming a guitar around a campfire or riding his horse with a guitar strapped to his back. Even the politics of country music is inclined towards a male-dominated, republican, conservative, pro-war stance (Spong 184). The stereotypical women of country music “behave properly” and passively follow the same values as men do. Therefore, in 2003 when the

  • Country Music: From Backwood to Hollywood

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    For many Americans, country isn’t just a type of music. It’s a lifestyle. From sippin’ sweet tea on the porch, drinking beer at a tailgate or driving a pick up down the backroads, country music has made its way into the hearts and minds of many Americans. It is one of the only truly home grown American art forms. Its relatability and wide appeal has made country music one of the most commercially successful and popular genres in the United States. Using the work of scholars Tichi, Pecknold, and Ellison

  • Gender Roles In Country Music Lyrics

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    There are many instances of degrading and misogynistic lyrics in country music, both historically and contemporarily. There are differences in the lyrics of this genre based on the gender of the artist: gender roles, hypersexuality, and in the resistance or conformity to rigid gender-based stereotypes. The main points of my argument will include how country music lyrics have historically and contemporarily conformed to and defied gender roles and misogynistic stereotypes. This paper will then examine

  • Country Music Through the Generations

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    Music today has changed from the generations before us. Of course, music is always changing and adapting to what the listeners like. Country music, for example, has gone from talking about the land to expressing family matters. When I am talking about the country music and our generation I want to clarify; I am not talking about the singers and their age. I am talking about the lyrics that they are singing about to this generation compared to the last. Country music, possessing a broader generation

  • The Ever-Changing Culture of Country Music

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    The Ever-Changing Culture of Country Music Bruce Feiler, a native Southerner from Savannah, Georgia, is adamant about the significance of country music in the United States. He believes that the culture of country music has changed from its original foundation of "drinkin', cheatin' and truck drivin'" to a more conservative base that concentrates on the values of the powerful middle-class suburbanites (Feiler 430). By examining the culture of the stereotyped genre, Feiler observes the similarities

  • Impressions of Aging and the Elderly in Country Music

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    Impressions of Aging and the Elderly in Country Music Abstract This paper examines recorded country music from about 1920 to 1990 as a source of popular impressions of aging and old age. A sample of 100 songs, primarily from Billboard's Top 40 charts are content-analyzed and the data categorized into image areas. Overall, as expected, the images of aging in the lyrics of country music, both as a process and as a demographic category, are positive; however, interesting variations appear when

  • Dolly Parton: The Queen Of Country Music

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    On January 19, 1946, the delightful and astonishing Dolly Parton was born out of 12 relations. She was recognized as “The Queen of Country Music”. Her professions transpired as an actress, songwriter, singer, and musician. In addition, on January 8, 1935, the esteemed Elvis Presley was born in Tupelo, Mississippi. He fell from pure humble beginning to distinguished as “The King of Rock-n-Roll”. His professions transpired as a film, actor, and singer. In other words, they both explored together in

  • Tamworth Country Music Festival Essay

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    Introduction Tamworth Country Music Festival (TCMF) is Australia’s largest music festival and one of the top ten music festivals in the world, attracting many visitors each year (TCMF 2016). This report will examine and outline the positive and negative impacts of this event and analyse the operational management to find out whether it has achieved the goals and objectives of the event and the satisfaction of stakeholders. The two methods the principles of sustainability and the triple bottom line

  • Country Music

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    Country music is one of the most diverse changing genres in music that we have today. Some songs can take you on a beautiful story with a happy ending and some can make you feel heart broken and down in the dumps. Both can be great songs, and deliver powerful messages, but can be done in very different ways. Today, the country music that I know and love can either be a good ole laid back mellow song with nothing but an acoustic guitar, or have an entire band rocking out the whole song like songs

  • Evaluation of Modern Country Versus Oldies Country Music

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    with the times so has country music. American country music lovers have went from Loretta Lynn and Waylon Jennings, just two of the many classic oldies, to Carrie Underwood and Luke Bryan, two very appealing country music artists. However, it is not only the tune of the music that has changed, it is the image, the appeal, and overall the type of icons the media is portraying these modern music stars as. Icons such as Lynn and Jennings had identifiable features within their music as well as their appearance

  • Zac Brown Band: Country Music Analysis

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    Country music is “a branch of American Popular Music (Country Music)” that dates back to the 1920s. The music itself is a combination of folk music arising from the southern United States, with “cowboy” music from the Wild West. The beats, the harmony, and the flow are generally simple and allow for listening at ease. Lyrical analysis separates country music from mixing with other categories, as it is associated with ballads and stories – the songs are fit to tell. Any and all accompaniment is, in

  • Johnny Cash: The Legendary Country Music Pioneer

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    THE FIRST COUNTRY MUSIC SINGER BY: MOHAMMED ALOBAID THE FIRST COUNTRY MUSIC SINGER BY: MOHAMMED ALOBAID Is Johnny Cash immortal? We can answer this question by saying that Johnny Cash is immortal indeed. However, this is depends on his performance and people who mimic his performance. Johnny Cash made himself a legendary by beliving in himself first and by practicing what he love until he became what he dreamed to be. Johnny Cash, in my opinion, is the greatest country performer in the United