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    The American Revolution (1765-1783) established the United States of America as an independent country that rejected the hegemony of the British. Nearly a century later, the Civil War (1861-1865) defined the future course of the fledgling nation – whether it would be a free country that treated all its citizens equally or earn the dubious distinction of being one of the largest slaveholding countries in the world.

    Decades of escalating conflict between the North and the South over the institution of slavery and its expansion into the new western territories as well as states’ rights eventually resulted in an all-out war between the States. The 1860 election of Abraham Lincoln, a staunch abolitionist, was the final straw – following his election, 11 southern states seceded from the Union; an event succeeded by one of the deadliest wars ever fought on American soil.

    While the Civil War had a happy ending – slavery was abolished and the warring factions joined hands to form the United States of America. But the conflict took a terrible toll – 6,20,000 of the 2.4 million soldiers who fought in the war lost their lives, millions more were injured and the South and its economy were devastated. One of the biggest losses incurred by the Union on the eve of victory was that of Abraham Lincoln; the great leader was assassinated on 15th April 1865, by Confederate sympathiser John Wilkes Booth. Confederate resistance gave way on 10th May 1865 and the war finally ended.

    The American Civil War is a watershed event in the history of the United States. It has been commemorated in statues and memorials, in re-enactment of key battles, in literature, art, films, video games and in the issuance of stamps and coins with Civil War themes.

    Below is a comprehensive list of Civil War-themed essays and academic papers that cover all aspects of this era in American history.

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    Civil War As I sat thinking about what to write about I started to realize that slavery and war were the two things that at least keep me going and I knew i could say alot on both. I couldn't quite figure out how I was going to join the two until i did some research and other reading and started to remember the civil war and it's purposes. I not one to into history but i came across some very interesting information which i felt could bring my points of view out quite effectively. So here it is

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    American Civil War The American Civil War is known to be one of the bloodiest wars in history. Significant advances in weapon technology contributed to the unprecedented carnage. All types of weapons were being invented including side arms, shoulder arms, and artillery. Surveying the origins and design of only a portion demonstrates fire power had outstripped battlefield tactics by the mid-nineteenth century. Side arms, most useful only at close range, underwent important changes during the Civil War

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    Civil War During the American Civil War, which lasted from 1861-1865, over 620,000 accounted soldiers were killed. Known as the "the first modern war", historians generally agree that the reason for this was because this was a time of transition for the military. Armies and Navies were still using tactics where they would gather large forces of firepower to bear on the enemy. At the same time, weapons were being developed which were accurate and lethal well beyond any arms of the earlier conflicts

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    The Civil War was the fundamental event in America's historical realization. The war fixed two necessary questions which left it unclear by the revolution. The war all started because of rigid differences between the freemen and the slave states over the power of the national government to ban slavery in the regions that had not became states yet. The American Civil War was the biggest and by far the most vicious battle in the Western world between the end of the Napoleonic Wars in 1815 and the beginning

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    Causes & Results of the Civil War The Civil War, in U.S. history, was a conflict that pitted the Northern states of the American Union against the Southern states. The war raged for 4 years (1861-65) and was marked by some of the fiercest military campaigns of modern history. Large armies were involved in large movements, and entire populations were engaged in supporting the war efforts of both sides. The war had international impact, not only because of the growing international stature of the United

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    American Civil War was the most fearsome battle ever fought in American soil. The Civil War was a horrible time in America during that time. There were 618,000 casualties in the war. It was a dreadful time for incent families. It was also the biggest impact in the United States History. Major reasons led to this distressing time. The Northern and Southern states had contradictory opinions, which influenced what resulted into the Civil War. The events which most heavenly contributed to the Civil War are

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    Civil War The American Civil War is known as one of the harshest battles to have ever taken place. The war took place from 1861-1865. This war divided the nation into two sides. The north, which was also known as the union, was run by President Abraham Lincoln. However, the south, also known as the rebels were run by President Jefferson Davis. It was a result of the decades of sectional tension between the north and the south involving slavery and state rights. Also, the growth of nationalism

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    American Civil War. ( Staff) The Civil War was a war fought on American soil between the Union, the North, and the Confederacy, the South. As the War began, most people believed it would be won and over quickly. However, the Civil War was long, difficult, and the deadliest war in American History. Women, both in the North and South, played tremendously important roles in the American Civil War. At the beginning of the Civil War, women had a less hands-on role in the Civil War. Women

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    United States forever was the Civil War. This War became known as the battle of brother against brother. The American Civil War is known to still be the bloodiest clash of American time. Roughly 850,000 soldiers died from combats, accidents, starvation, and diseases during the Civil War. The Civil War is still known to be the bloodiest war of time, but when one looks at the modern turnouts the war accomplished a great deal of benefits. The sectional conflict of the Civil War involved two sides the Union