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  • Ethical Issues

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    Ethical Issues Autonomy – The ideal of self-determination is the basis for autonomy. It is important that a patient be allowed to decide what should be done to his or her own body. In other words, nobody else has the right to assert their power over another. Likewise, a physician should be allowed to decide not to perform a procedure if doing so would conflict with his or her values. In the Cruzan case, Nancy’s autonomy by way of her parents’ substituted judgment was overridden in favor

  • Ethical Issues of Euthanaisa

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    Ethical Issues of Euthanaisa Since the time that Dr. Jack Kevorkian became a celebrated figure in many circles, the topic of physician assisted suicide has become a lightning rod that sparks heated debates on both sides. Many people argue that physician assisted suicide (PAS) is ethical and should be applied to cases where terminally ill patients can choose to end their lives in this manner because this is respecting their autonomy (their right to choose what is best for their bodies). Other

  • Ethical Issues On Reproductive Technology

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    Ethical issues on Reproductive technology Ethics is the matter of the heart and when we discuss the heart we will all ways have conflict. Just for the simple fact that ethics in dealing with assisted reproductive technology is like a domino effect, when you answer one question another one arises. When we bring up the law in the United States about marital status and assisted reproductive technology (ART) you must be in a stable relationship, but what I found interesting is they have yet to define

  • Ethical Issues of Genetic Screening

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    Ethical Issues of Genetic Screening Introduction As we approach the 21st century, we as a society are increasingly bombarded with technical advances. One such area of advancement is the research involved with the Human Genome Mapping Project (HGMP). HGMP is a multi-billion dollar world wide research collaboration interested in sequencing the entire human genome. Started on October 1, 1990, with a group of over 350 labs, and expected to finish within the next 5 to 7 years, the Human Genome

  • Moral and Ethical Issues of Euthanasia

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    Moral and Ethical Issues of Euthanasia As we all know, medical treatment can help save lives. But is there a medical treatment that would actually help end life? Although it's often debated upon, the procedure is still used to help the aid of a patient's death. Usually dubbed as mercy killing, euthanasia is the "practice of ending a life so as to release an individual from an incurable disease or intolerable suffering" (Encarta). My argument over this topic is that euthanasia should have strict

  • The Ethical Issues of Genetic Testing

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    Ethical Issues of Genetic Testing The Human Genome Project is the largest scientific endeavor undertaken since the Manhattan Project, and, as with the Manhattan Project, the completion of the Human Genome Project has brought to surface many moral and ethical issues concerning the use of the knowledge gained from the project. Although genetic tests for certain diseases have been available for 15 years (Ridley, 1999), the completion of the Human Genome Project will certainly lead to an exponential

  • Ethical Issues of Genetic Research

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    and progress to ultimately influence society in a negative manner, then, perhaps such advancement should not be attempted. The Human Genome Project and other studies involving genetic research invite debate on the most controversial and highly moral issues that characterize and define the nature of life. The controversy arises from both the techniques and aims of gene therapy. Gene therapy attempts to correct the "deleterious effect(s) of a genetic disorder"(Wheale & McNally, 212) through the

  • Ethical Issues Raised by Data Mining

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    Ethical Issues Raised by Data Mining Data mining is the practice of gathering data from various sources and manipulating it to provide richer information than any of contributing sources is able to do alone or to produce previously unknown information. Businesses and governments share information that they have collected with the purpose of cross-referencing it to find out more information about the people tracked in their databases. Data mining has many benefits. Stores are able to stock

  • The Legal and Ethical Issues of Online Gaming

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    Abstract:  This paper describes the new market growing around online gamers: professional gamers, wagered tournaments, and buying and selling virtual items. After outlining and describing several prime examples, the paper then discusses the legal and ethical ramifications of the virtual world having monetary value.  It shows that despite the positive effects of drawing more people into the gaming community, playing games for money compromise what many consider to be the purity of the gaming experience

  • Moral and Ethical Issues Behind Software Copyright and Patents

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    Moral and Ethical Issues Behind Software Copyright and Patents Introduction Over the past twenty years, the number of software patent and copyright infringement cases has been steadily increasing. The reason for this is quite clear. Software development only gained momentum in the 1970s, when the need for more complex and sophisticated software and their potential for commercialization was realised.1 With increasing investments being put into developing software, more legal protection was

  • Operations Management And Ethical Issue

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    Operations Management and Ethical Issue According to Aquilano, Chase, and Jacobs (2005), "Operations management (OM) is defined as the design, operation, and improvement of the systems that create and deliver the firm's primary products and services" (p.19). Operations management is a dynamic field and presents exciting new issues and challenges for operations managers. For example, Maura Sprenger, human resources director at Techno Inc., a fast growing information technology company, is faced

  • Ethical Issues in Software Patent Law: A Comparison Between the US and UK

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    Ethical Issues in Software Patent Law: As Seen in Comparison Between the US and UK 1. Introduction Though it is often overlooked today in favor of its counterpart digital music protection, software content protection is an extremely serious issue, and many contend that it has the potential to stunt the growth of technology if it is mishandled. The debate concerns software piracy (often simply using a program you didn’t actually pay for), and the proper legal protection that should apply to

  • Essay on Internet Privacy - Ethical Issues Raised by Privacy Service Providers

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    Ethical Issues Raised by Privacy Service Providers Abstract:  This paper examines the use of Internet technologies (specifically to counteract invasions of personal privacy and censorship.  The paper begins by exploring the methods by which governments, corporations, and commercial agents invade personal privacy.  It also discusses Internet censorship on the corporate and governmental levels.  It then proceeds to discuss, a technology that allows Internet users to surf

  • Ethical Issues of Human Test Subjects

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    Ethical Issues of Human Test Subjects As we achieve burgeons of new technologies, we must also face the irreprehensible sacrifices. The old scientific adage reminds us that no trial can go without error. Many of the present day technologies may prove beneficial but the processes of development and discovery often come at high prices. Countless experiments have been conducted in the names of science and the advancement of mankind. Regardless of their outcomes, these experiments require

  • Ethical Issues Related to Fetal Tissue Research

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    Ethical Issues Related to Fetal Tissue Research The use of fetal tissue in biomedical research has been a hot topic for debate in social and political forums ever sense the landmark decision in the 1973 case of Roe vs. Wade (Beller & Weir 182). The decision of the Supreme Court to give women the right to abort a fetus without having a medical reason for doing so, sparked controversy which has affected any medical procedure or research dealing with fetuses (Bellar &Weir 182). Supporters of

  • Ethical Issues Surrounding Genetic Screening and Genetic Engineering

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    Ethical Issues Surrounding Genetic Screening and Genetic Engineering In today’s modern age science is moving at a rapid pace; one of those scientific fields that has taken the largest leaps is that of genetics. When genetics first comes to mind, many of us think of it as a type of science fiction, or a mystical dream. Yet genetics is here, it is real, and has numerous ethical implications. One of the particular areas of interest is prenatal genetics. In this field, many new and outstanding

  • Moral and Ethical Issues in Gene Therapy

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    that have to be followed in order to keep the study just. The articles that are discussed in this essay focus on ethical issues and ideas that should be followed in the field in order to keep research safe and valid. In an article titled “The Ethical Implications of Gene Therapy” the group of advisers on Ethical Implications of Biotechnology of the European commission states issues and rules that should be abided by, along with beliefs on the direction of biotechnology. At its present stage,

  • Ethical Issues In Construction Case Study

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    government. The purpose of this essay is to analyze and discuss ethical and social issues, along with cultural diversity when expanding

  • The Ethical Issue Of Euthanasia

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    1. Introduction. Human euthanasia is the act of ending someone’s life intentionally, in order to relieve that person from further pain and suffering. The word euthanasia comes from the Greek word ‘εὐθανασία’ that means good death. Euthanasia is a matter for hot debate. Many countries around the world have different laws about euthanasia. In some countries it is thought to be completely illegal while in other countries it is thought as a human right. The main topic for euthanasia is whether or

  • Ethical and Legal Issues of Phone Tapping

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    One of the hottest topics in privacy is regarding our phone conversation with others. It doesn't take a whole lot these days to be in someone's business, in their conversation, breaking the law of privacy with out spending that much time and money. "…Compared to an average monthly phone bill of seventy dollars, the option to wiretap the average phone line is probably worth less than twelve cents a month to police and spy agencies."1 These days, when information is transferred from one person to another