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  • Movies Heros

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    inspired anyone who watched him. Every time you watch a Rocky movie, you feel like you can conquer the world. He used the same technique in some movies, such as, Rambo and Cobra. In Rambo, Stallone was a one-man wrecking crew that he also portrayed in Rocky. He would be sent on one-man missions to destroy the whole country. Throughout all of Stallones movies he has portrayed that love to be the hero. His upbringing, to his sweat filled workouts in the boxing rings of South Philadelphia, has turned

  • Sex in Movies

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    Sex in Movies Has the role of sex gained too much importance in todays movie industry? The answer to this highly publicized question, although highly depending on personal opinion, is no. The growth of sex in movies is directly related to the growth of its role in modern society. The movie industry has no choice but to adapt to a society with changing entertainment needs. The movie industry is just what it says, an industry. An industry that has one goal similar with all other industries

  • Hollywood Movies Compared to Other Countries' Movies

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    Hollywood Movies Compared to Other Countries' Movies Despite the fact that Hollywood films are popular all over the world, many believe that foreign films are better. Critics’ dislike of Hollywood films’ is due to the straight-line plots of the films in which nothing is left unclear, unsettling or unexplained and every shot is justified by a link to strictest cause and effect. Hollywood films are often viewed as dulling the mind. In this country people generally view films for mere entertainment

  • Women in Movies

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    Women in Movies Since the 1940’s, movies have predominately portrayed women as sex symbols. Beginning in the 1940’s and continuing though the 1980’s, women did not have major roles in movies. When they did have a leading role the women was either pretreated as unintelligent and beautiful, or as conniving and beautiful: But she was always beautiful. Before the 1990’s, men alone, wrote and directed all the movies, and the movies were written for men. In comparison, movies of the 90’s are not only

  • Terrorism and the Movies

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    Terrorism and the Movies Sara Groff, commenting on a recent article by Slavoj Zizek: Here is my attempt at making Zizek's article a little more understandable in a shortened format. I hope this helps everyone as I think he has some profound insights into this topic. As we all watched the horrific events of Tuesday, September 11, unfold before our very eyes - the strategically planned date of 9-1-1 appeared as if it were the setting for a big budget special effects film. The only problem -

  • Patriotism in Spiderman Movies

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    climate on the time. Specifically, the recent movies Spider-Man (2002) and Spider-Man 2 (2004) both show the differing amounts of patriotism that were in the American psyche at those two close but far different times in history. Additionally, it can be shown that the movies can even have their own effect on the patriotic feelings of the time. Comparing and contrasting the two movies reveals how the differing times affected the final product of both movies. Spider-Man (2002) was filmed in 2001 before

  • Life Is Like The Movies

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    Going to the movies is fun. You get your candy and your drink and are taken away into a fictional world for two or three hours, then leave the theater and get back to reality. But is what you're going back to really reality? Plato said no. In the "Allegory of the Cave" (chapter XXV) in the The Republic he proposes that we all live like people in a movie theater, only he uses prisoners in a cave to illustrate the situation. He creates an image of prisoners, chained down in a cave, so all they could

  • Blacks and Whites in Movies

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    segregation has been the theme of many modern movies, music, and television shows. African Americans are taking advantage of this opportunity to represent the African American culture, even though it serves to explain their historical oppression and misfortune and not of their success and well-being. They are turning a negative history into a positive career and future. Approximately eighty years ago, it was only a thought that African Americans should indeed make movies and appear in the big screen alongside

  • Internet Piracy and Movies

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    files would take an unreasonably long time. Presently, broadband connections are relatively inexpensive, so full movies can be downloaded in almost the time it takes to watch them. This widespread availability of high bandwidth has led to new applications, such as Limewire, Kazaa, and Morpheus, which let the user download any type of file, the most controversial of which is movies. Compared to Napster, these new applications have more decentralized architectures, making the legal battle against

  • Shakespeare in Contemporary Movies

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    Shakespeare in Contemporary Movies In the middle of Looking for Richard, Al Pacino's documentary about making Richard III and bringing Shakespeare to the people, there is a moment which illuminates the relationship of scholarship, Shakespeare and popular culture. The director is ranting at Pacino for offering (threatening?) to bring a Shakespearean scholar into the film: You said you were going to find a scholar to speak directly into the camera and explain what really went down and I'm telling

  • Latino Gangs in Movies

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    Latino Gangs in Movies American filmmakers of the late twentieth century portrayed Latinos as merciless pursuers of the "American Dream". The Latino immigrants were characterized as "Urban Bandidos", seeking the path to ultimate wealth and power in a society dominated by Anglo authority. West Side Story, Fort Apache, and Scarface each portrayed the Latino character differently, but commonly depicted the "Urban Bandido" as a man in search of money and power in America. Not only do these immigrants

  • I Learned it From the Movies

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    I Learned it From the Movies When the majority of people are asked who or what influenced them most people would likely name one person or one event. Not me. I say the movies. Ever since I was old enough to watch them I have been absorbing the information the movies provided. I was enthralled with the way Clark Gable didn’t give a damn or how Audrey Hepburn knew about the rain on the plains of Spain. The lessons the movies taught me are unforgettable and can be used forever. A big part

  • Who are the People rating movies?

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    Who are the People rating movies? Parents can determine if they want to allow their children to watch certain movies by using the film rating system. The film rating system went into effect on November 1, 1968. Even though the decision of whether or not to use the film rating system is voluntary, the vast majority of theaters in The United States enforce the Classification and Rating Administration’s guidelines. This was a voluntary system sponsored by the Motion Picture Association of America

  • Horror Movies

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    innocent people. And usually, but not all the time the killer is killed at the end of the movie. The media publishes or broadcasts stories that say that horror films influence people to imitate these wrongful acts of violence. I believe that these movies do not influence people to imitate these murderous crimes onto innocent people. Horror films are a way for people to exercise their violent emotions with out hurting anyone. The media publishes ,in my mind stupid , stories about horror films that

  • Folklore in the Movies: An Analysis of Willow

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    Folklore in the Movies: An Analysis of Willow My research for this report began when I read Joseph Campbell's article "Departure" in which he discusses folklore; he outlines the course of action that a hero takes in an adventure. He describes the five steps the hero takes as "the call to adventure, the refusal of the adventure, use of supernatural aid, crossing of the first threshold, and the belly of the whale." After reading Campbell's criteria of an adventure, I decided to choose a movie and

  • Women and Minorities in Television and Movies

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    Women and Minorities in Television and Movies Since this winter, I can't watch television or movies anymore without critiquing how women and minorities are portrayed. One unexpected thing that I have picked up from taking this class is a sense of wariness when I counter any piece of written material. I have learned to be suspicious, if not directly critical of any particular part of the media as I experience it; I have been inspired to read and be influenced by some prolific female thinkers

  • Cliches of Teen Movies

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    music videos to commercials to teen movies: one cannot turn on his television without seeing a scantily clad woman or two people engaging in some type of foreplay. Even on game shows there is commonly a female co-host who wears next to nothing. Moreover, besides a pornographic movie or a special on HBO, one can find more than enough sex in a teen movie. These films contain teenage sex symbols who cannot act more than the “common man.” Yet, it seems as if these movies are quite popular. They more often

  • Movies Serendipity and An Affair to Remember

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    Movies Serendipity and An Affair to Remember Can once in a lifetime happen twice? Can two people get a second chance at love? While reality more than likely suggests no, some movies would suggest otherwise. The films An Affair to Remember and Serendipity are only two examples of how society depicts romance as an exaggerated fabrication of reality only to have a negative effect on its viewers. Both films share the storyline of two lovers who separate, only hoping that fate will bring them back

  • Online Pay-Per-View Movies

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    Online Pay-Per-View Movies I choose to discuss the topic of the internet as a new medium for pay-per-view movies because I feel it is a very fresh and new topic that has not been discussed, nor received much attention. The onset of this new medium comes from an attempt to deter online movie pirates from stealing the movies to actually purchasing them for a low price. I feel this is especially important for me to be writing this on a college campus because that is where a great deal of movie

  • Gay and Lesbian Visibility in Movies and Television

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    The 1990s saw surge of gay characters in both television and movies. From Ellen Degeneres and her character Ellen Morgan coming out under much scrutiny on the TV show ‘Ellen,’ to Julia Roberts and Rupert Everett comedically playing off each other in the motion picture ‘My Best Friend’s Wedding.’ Sure, gays and lesbians have been around forever, especially in Hollywood. But never has there been a time to be more out. With the popularity of shows like Will and Grace, which feature leading gay characters