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  • Annotated Bibliographies Essay

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    Annotated bibliographies explain, provide periodical material aimed at, and assess the work on a collection of bases. In research we can check annotated bibliographies to weigh the potential usefulness of our sources so that we can document our search efforts. The descriptive and evaluative annotations are the two kinds that is possibly concise, entailing of just expressions, sentences and paragraphs, or it could be more proper. Descriptive annotations review the subject matters of each work, minus

  • Rules Of Annotated Bibliography Essay

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    H2 The Rules of Annotated Bibliography Creation How to write an annotated bibliography? This question is rather difficult because only professional writers know how to do it. The annotated bib is a bibliography (list of books and other works), which includes descriptions and evaluative comments regarding the sources that were cited in a certain paper. The comments are also called annotations. The annotated bibliography consists of two parts: citation and annotation. Usually, the citation is

  • My Annotated Bibliography On Earfoot Running

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    Jessica Anderson December 6, 2016 English 1010-047 Reflection The first paper in my portfolio is my annotated bibliography. I did my annotated bibliography on barefoot running. A lot of the sources I used were about how to get started on barefoot running and how it is better for your body than running in shoes. Most of the articles that I read were helpful to me and what I was hoping to learn about barefoot running. I had heard about barefoot running and have a few people I know that are really into

  • Annotated Bibliography for Advertising on Myspace And Social Networking

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    Webliography for MKT 352 Topic : MySpace and other social networking companies as Internet Advertising Revenues. Factors to consider are the business models for these websites, their rising popularity, and the attraction of brands to advertise themselves in social networking websites (especially MySpace) 1. O'Malley, Gavin "MySpace vs. eBay? Site leaps into e-commerce." Advertising Age; September 11 2006, Vol. 77 Issue 37, p6-6, 2/5p, 1 chart, 1c <

  • The Overuse of Technology in Our Daily Life

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    a day? The answer for this question will bring a lot of negative answers, and of course if we ask this question in a survey, “NO” will be the winner of this survey. Talking about the use of technology reminded me one of the sources from my annotated bibliography by Amy Petersen, who is the Theatre and Media Arts Department Chair and Associate Professor in the College of Fine Arts and Communications at Brigham Young University. In her article which she wrote about the overuse of tech in our daily life

  • Sung Ohm, Instructor

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    rewrite an out-of-class essay that uses your research to develop an argument on your topic. To help you research this essay, you will be required to write a short research proposal that draws upon your readings in this and other courses and an annotated bibliography. Proposal: The proposal is a way for you to begin the research process as well as a way for you to articulate your own interests in this project. In other words, the proposal allows you to create or negotiate the assignment according to

  • Annotation Assignment

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    Assignment: Annotation What is annotation? To annotate is to make notes directly on a text as one reads and rereads it, identifying significant features, discovering patterns of features, and speculating on meanings. It is a crucial means of paying close attention to a text whether one is preparing for a class discussion, generating ideas for an essay, or just experiencing the richness of a text for pleasure. So fundamental to what readers do, annotation is comparable to hammers for carpenters

  • Annotated Bibliography: Annotated Bibliography

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    Annotated Bibliography Cabrera, Natasha, et al. "Fatherhood in the twenty‐first century." Child development 71.1 (2000): 127-136. In this article, the editors discussed the social trends and how they can change in nature of father involvement. They tested how children today will make their expectations taking upon a role of mother and father. Increase in father absence is associated with poor school achievement, reduced involvement in labor force, early childbearing, and high risk-taking behaviors

  • Annotated Bibliography For Annotated Bibliography

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    Annotated Bibliography Ballard O., & Marrow, A. L. (2013). Human Milk Composition: Nutrients and Bioactive Factors. National Center for Biotechnology Information. Retrieved from: This article goes into depth on the different components that make up breast milk’s nutrient content. The article also goes over the different types of milks that a mother produces when feeding her infant. It also brings up that every mother’s milk is different because

  • Annotated Bibliography Annotated Bibliography

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    Annotated Bibliography: Assignment 5 1. Black, P., & Wiliam, D. (2010). Inside the black box: Raising standards through classroom assessment. Phi Delta Kappan, 92(1), 81–90. doi:10.1177/003172171009200119 This article, initiated by the Assessment Group of the British Educational Research Association, focuses on how improving formative assessment raises standards and how there is still room for improvement. It discusses the importance of self and peer assessments and effective teaching. They also

  • The Montessori Method

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    The Montessori Method (Word count includes Annotated Bibliography) The Montessori method began in the early 1900's by the first female doctor in Italy, Dr. Mary Montessori, as a way of educating mentally disabled children. Her ideas were so successful with these children that she began to apply her understanding of learning to study the potential of normally functioning children (Oalf, 2001). Dr. Montessori's approach to education stresses the importance of learning styles, independence and

  • Annotated Bibliography Annotated Bibliography

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    Annotated Bibliography Agars, M. D. (2004). Reconsidering the Impact of Gender Stereotypes on the Advancement of Women in Organizations. Psychology of Women Quarterly, 28(2), 103-111. doi:10.1111/j.1471-6402.2004.00127.x This article reveals the disparities in the workplace due to gender stereotypes favoring men over women in executive positions. Women have a much more difficult path to obtain executive positions, and maintain them. This article helps by showing the number of high-level women in

  • How To Annotate In The Odyssey

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    In the beginning of this assignment I started off with little knowledge of how to properly annotate. In Eighth grade the English class I was in would annotate short stories a lot and sometimes even poems but in the long run we never actually annotated a whole book and often times we would annotate the pages together as a class. When we started the book I was not very good and often took much longer than I actually needed to on chapters. The process that I went through to get the results I wanted

  • Annotated Bibliographies

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    explaining and manipulating complex systems. The purpose of this paper is to introduce the concept that annotated bibliographies may, in fact, be a skill of thinking, and in the end, one of many strategies capable of strengthening comprehension skills. Through

  • Annotated Bibliography Annotated Bibliography: Rape

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    Annotated Bibliography- Rape Rape: sexual assault of an individual or group that is not consented for. McGylnn C, Munro Ve, (2010) Rethinking rape law: an introduction. Rethinking rape law international and comparative perspectives. USA:Routledge, 18 - 30. The introduction chapter 'Rethinking rape law' addresses an analytical overview of rape laws throughout a range of jurisdictions. Thus, engaging the development and debate of sexual assault laws within international and comparative perspectives

  • Annotated Bibliography

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    Annotated Bibliography The incidence of type 2 diabetes is also increasing in this rural area. Many American adults are obese and the rising number of adults also have Type II diabetes mellitus. Should adults worry about the growth of obesity and diabetes. Crawford, A., Cole, C., Couto, J., Daskiran, M., Gunnarsson,C., Haas, K., & Schuett, R. (2010). Prevalence of obesity, type 2 diabetes mellitus, hyperlipidemia, and high blood pressure in the United States: findings from the GE Centricity Electronic

  • Annotated Bibliography: Evaluative Annotated Bibliography

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    Evaluative Annotated Bibliography Goodin, H. J. (2003, July). The nursing shortage in the United States of America: An integrative review of the literature. Retrieved June 26, 2016, from;jsessi nid=E7DD84CD6FACDED117B95E6610553FD8.f04t03?userIsAuthenticated=false The need for nursing staff is at an all time high than it has ever been. In the United states nursing is at a shortage and is affecting the current nurses as

  • Annotated Bibliography

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    Literacy in India: Topic Proposal and Annotated Bibliography Ammarnnath NVG North Carolina State University “India is not, as people keep calling it, an underdeveloped country, but rather, in the context of its history and cultural heritage, a highly developed one in an advanced state of decay.” ― Shashi Tharoor The Republic of India is a large South Asian country rich in ethnic diversity, with over one billion people speaking

  • Annotated Bibliography

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    Annotated Bibliography: The Impact of Participation of Study Abroad This bibliography will explore some of the existing research on both the short and long-term effects of participation in a study abroad program, particularly as it relates to students’ professional and personal growth. The articles below examine factors such as academic path, career choice, and level of global engagement post-graduation. Paige, R. M., Fry, G. W., Stallman, E. M., Josic, J., & Jon, J. (2009). Study Abroad for Global

  • Annotated Bibliography On Leadership Annotated Bibliography

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    Annotated Bibliography Anderson, Heather J., et al. “What Works for You May Not Work for (Gen)Me: Limitations of Present Leadership Theories for the New Generation.” The Leadership Quarterly, vol. 28, no. 1, Feb. 2017, pp. 245–260., doi:10.1016/j.leaqua.2016.08.001. In this journal article, Anderson talks about the insights to the limitations of the present leadership theories and how that applies to the millennials and the future generations to come. How in the future we might need to change these